Video Review: Major Lazer & Showtek “Believer”

In the ruins of his home, an eight-year-old opens his eyes, realizing he is trapped inside.

Yesterday, he and his friends were playing on the sand. His friend raised his arm up in victory. The eight-year-old had scored the winning point.

He moves from his bed and tries to find an open space and climbs on the shredded pieces of wood.

He and his mother had gone to the market in town, buying groceries for the week. His sister smiles as she helps to make dinner. He dances in the kitchen and his mother tells him to calm down. She slaps his hand at the kitchen table.

He sees a glimpse of light and tries to tear apart the wood.

His father tells him a story. The family goes to a fair and rides the bumper cars.

On television, he and his mother watch their home videos. An explosion scares him awake. He watches as a monster emerges from the fire and walks through a flame drenched tunnel of sheets.

The little boy thinks of playing with his friends. He and his friends run in the street. While at the market, he points the monster out to his mother.

In the kitchen, his family points him to the door. It leads to a portal to a desolated desert. He looks for his family again and then opens the door, returning home. The monster chases him down the street.

He hangs onto to thin rods.

He runs into an alley and finds another portal to the desert. He turns around and sees the monster. The monster jogs towards him and reaches out his hand. The little boy balls up his fist. However, he takes the monster’s hand. They run in the streets. The monster waves from the bumper car.

Glaring orange light causes him to turn his head. A hand reaches out between two pieces of wood.

Rating: 5/5

The monster was always there. The little boy, while out with his mother, said he noticed someone strange hiding in the buildings. Her mother shrugged off his concern and said there wasn’t anything to be afraid of.

He continued to play with his friends and joke with his family during dinner. Everything was going to be okay. Nothing scary was going to happen. His sense of dread was made up.

Then, the explosion occurred in his bedroom. The foundation of his home fell on top of him. He coughed from the dust and once he gathered his bearings, he started to search for his family. He found them dead in the kitchen.

The monster was real. No one was going to save him. He struggled to breathe underneath the rubble and fell asleep, wheezing and waiting for it to end. The glimmer of light was a shock. He didn’t know if he wanted to see the damage outside or trust the person holding out their hand.

Director: Christopher Louie Year: 2017

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