Video Review: Thomas Rhett “Marry Me”

A little girl drags her giant stuffed teddy bear down the stairs and into the playroom.

As the sun light streams through the window, Thomas Rhett sits on a stool and plays his guitar.

She puts a bow tie on her dog and adds a necklace to her dress. She smiles as she walks in high heels, carrying some flowers. Her next neighbor, Sam peeks through the window and picks up his football.

In high school, Sam sits on the bench. The little girl, now 16, calls out to him and shows him her t-shirt, supporting him. He smiles. After the game, he gives her a piggyback ride and they walk to the local hangout. She sits next to him, placing her hand on the seat of the booth. She puts her hand over his. As they lean in to kiss one another, a friend of theirs taps the window, indicating the time. She walks outside and gives their friend a playful shove. She stares back at him and shrugs.

Five years later, she waves hello to him at her engagement party. He raises his glass of champagne to her. Her fiance dips her and she laughs. He turns back towards the window, drinking. She admires her ring.

On her wedding day, she stares at her engagement ring, feeling the weight of it on her finger. He sets his gift on the table and looks at a framed photo of her and soon-to-be-husband. He loosens his tie and leaves.

At the diner, which they went to as teenagers, he pours some liquor into his coffee, sitting at the same where they almost had their first kiss. Back at the wedding, everyone stands up and watches as she walks down the aisle with her father.

He rolls the cup over her hands. She walks to the window and sobs.

Rating: 5/5

Eight years old. It was when he first fell in love with his next door neighbor. She would chase after her dog in the backyard and wave to him as he walked by. She immediately invited him to come over.

By high school, something seemed to be going on between them. However, neither wanted to say it. An interrupted kiss at a diner halted any impending relationship. The friend, as he found out, also liked her. She began dating the friend a month later.

Five years later, he attends her engagement party. As she smiles and laughs, he stays in the corner. Several people had already commented to Sam that they thought she would’ve married him. He chugged his champagne in response and excused himself as he headed to the bar.

At her wedding, she looks at her engagement ring and wants to run out of the backyard and somewhere else. She links arms with her father and plasters on a smile as she walks down the aisle. She listens to the priest and begins to shake her head. Sobbing, she leaves and heads for the diner. Maybe she still has a chance with Sam. She sees him and starts to cry. She wants to tell him everything.

Director: TK McNamy Year: 2017

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