Video Review: Bananarama “A Trick of the Night (US Version)”

Two small, crooked slides of a city scrolling by border. A larger slide in the center zooms in on the strip club. Sara stands in a house as the slide continues to scroll past. She sits on a couch.

Three different slides feature on the screen. One square captures the glaring streetlight. The others catch the tops of the buildings. A brunette haired woman stands in the street as two grainy slides of Sara singing above. A grainy Keren rests on her bed, her hand in her hair. A grainy Siobhan sits on a couch as the brunette walks down the street. A gas station is projected next to her.

Two crooked slides feature Sara, the far corner one blurry. To the slight left, the camera drives by the same building again. A groggy Sara gets up as the sun starts to rise. In a blue haze, Siobhan, Keren and Sara walk around. In the family room, a film plays on the wall.

Lit in a soft pink, Sara sits on a chair. Sara leans against the wall. The camera passes by a sleazy hotel. The sun begins to rise above the power lines and factories. Filtered in beige, a woman unbuttons her blouse as someone tries to move the curtain. Kids play outside their mobile home. A little talks on her toy phone. The film continues to play in the home.

Rating: 5/5

On the way to the parking structure, Keren spots a woman standing on the corner. A car pulls up and she leans into the window. Sara notices three women smoking as they lean against the window. Siobhan shakes her head. Keren unlocks her car and they get inside.

Keren, Sara and Siobhan work at the headquarters of a Fortune 500 company. Every two weeks, they have the comfort of a paycheck. They receive stellar performance reviews and complain about how the constant snacks in the conference room are causing them to gain weight.

In the back of Keren’s mind, she thinks of how it could be them. One lost job or illness could end any financial security and drain their savings. She wonders if the woman has any children or if she once had a steady job. Every once in a while, they’ll hear sirens and the corner will be empty for a couple of days.

Sara wants to know why the city isn’t doing anything. Arrests are temporary solutions. She notes how the city seems to be disposing of them. If one of them dies, they don’t care. Siobhan says she has noticed teenagers, both female and male, on the corners. She’s glanced at them, viewing their hollowed out eyes and bruised faces. The teenagers have given up. Sara, Keren, and Siobhan decide to help out at a shelter during the weekends. Maybe they can reach some of them there.

Director: Andy Morahan Year: 1985

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