Video Review: Macklemore, Dave B & Travis Thompson “Corner Store”

At 1 a.m., Dave B leans against the wall of the liquor store, waiting for his friends. He nods to his best friend, Travis Thompson and meets him by the entrance, shaking his hand. They enter the store together.

Thompson raps as he walks down the aisles. The security camera films them as they grab a six-pack of beer. Thompson hands the sixtysomething clerk (Macklemore) his identification. The clerk examines it and says he can’t sell it to him. Thompson gives him the finger as they leave.

In the parking lot, B spots a long-haired thirtysomething man (Macklemore) sitting on top of his car, smoking. Thompson hands him some money.  The long-haired thirtysomething man returns from the store and throws Thompson the six-pack. He puts his arm around Thompson and they walk in the alley, drinking. The long-haired man spits his beer and then passes out. Thompson and his friends film him. They find a grocery cart and the long-haired man jumps inside.

They run near the expressway and the long-haired man tosses the grocery cart into a field. He leaps off a swing and meets with Thompson’s group of friends in the park. A man  (Macklemore) walking his dog  spots the long-haired man urinating in the grass and calls security.

The police officer (Macklemore) answers the call. He and his partner drive to the park, their sirens blaring.  The long-haired man leaps over the hood of the police car and the police officer chases after him. They climb over the fence. The police officer runs behind Thompson. Thompson slides on the hood of the police car and turns the corner. The police officer curses and gets inside the car.

Thompson runs into his home. His mom (Macklemore) yells that her son didn’t do anything. She sees the fake identification on the floor and slams the door, questioning her son.

Rating: 0/5

One hundred dollars wasted. Travis Thompson had his friend make him a fake driver’s license. He had saved up for it by doing some odd jobs around the house for his mom. The first time he uses it, he gets caught by security and nearly arrested.

The long-haired guy was arrested a week later. Dave B shows Thompson the clip from the local news, stating he had numerous tickets and had stolen cars around the neighborhood. Their eyes widen. Thompson deletes the film and photos of him on his phone.

They continue to hang out at the corner store. Thompson and B debate when the sixtysomething store clerk will retire. B befriends another clerk and Thompson calls his mom to let her know where he is. His friends can her hear yell if she thinks she hears sirens.

Director: Johnny Leflare Year: 2017

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