Video Review: Kendrick Lamar & Zacari “LOVE”

A young woman in a black robe stands at the shore, staring at the stained red sky.  Kendrick Lamar bends his knees as he sits by the shore, watching the stained red sky disappear into night.

A group of African-American woman, wearing black tank tops, sit on stage.

After dinner, Lamar’s girlfriend takes off her shirt and he lifts her onto the kitchen table. He laughs into her shoulder as they sit next to each other, their turkey waiting to be cut. She sits in his usual seat, her finger on her temple and leaves. She smashes a plate the next night and yells at him. He sits alone, feet on the kitchen table and drinks the last of his liquor bottle. A copper flash of light outlines his body.

Against a black background, the woman stand, copper flashes of light outlining their bodies. Lamar appears against the black background. A woman, painted gray, is split into two and stares at the ceiling as she runs her hand over her body. Several female bodies, painted in gray, mesh together, their arms moving up and down.

The director snaps the clapboard as Lamar shuffles his feet on the floor and waits. A curtain behind him covers a backdrop.

Against the black background, Lamar sits in the center of the women. Lamar, wearing a silver hoodie, raps on the passenger’s side of the car as his friend drives. He leans against a wall as his friend sits on the steps inside a warehouse. Traffic races by in a blur of lights.

In the warehouse, he glances over his shoulder at his friend and folds his hands in prayer. He walks on the sidewalk, passing some street art of a leopard painted on the building. His girlfriend sleeps as he sits on his side of the bed.

At the kitchen table, his girlfriend fixes his hair. He walks up to his home and his girlfriend answers the door. She lets him inside.

Rating: 5/5

Women are works of art. Their bodies should be respected as sculptures in a museum. Every woman has her insecurities and need to be loved. Women’s bodies are beautiful with unique curves. A pregnant woman, sometimes ridiculed for her weight, carries a life in her body, nurturing it. She deserves to have a choice in regards to her body.

Kendrick Lamar and his girlfriend have been dating for four years. Usually, their relationship is smooth. However, he’s been involved with his work lately and ignoring her. She slams a plate on the table to make her point and he moves in with a friend for a while. He drinks his sorrow away, knowing he screwed up.

After a late night drive with his best friend, he decides to apologize. She had every right to be upset and he is grateful for it. The last few weeks living with his single best friend helped him realize he had a good relationship with her and he should try to salvage it.

Director: Dave Meyers and lil homies Year: 2017

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