Video Review: Destiny’s Child “Emotion”

Three split screen follow Kelly, Beyoncé and Michelle for an afternoon.

Left: Kelly’s boyfriend tells her it’s time to go. Kelly gets off the bed. She holds her boyfriend’s hand as they leave they walk down the staircase of their apartment building. He tells her that he’ll call as soon he gets to Los Angeles. The taxi driver gets his duffel bags. She hugs him goodbye and watches him leave. She walks back inside and cries in the kitchen. She answers the phone.

Center: Beyoncé opens the bedroom and kisses her boyfriend. He leaves for work. Beyonce starts to clean around the house. She carries a laundry basket and finds some a shirt on a dresser. She puts her basket down and says hello to someone. She gets the key from the shelf and views her boyfriend tucking another woman’s hair behind her ear. Storming out of the room, she gets the bleach and puts his clothes in the bathtub. She slumps her shoulders as the hurt hits her. The phone rings and she runs through the hall. Beyonce listens to Michelle and tells her she’ll be right there.

Right: A nurse exits Michelle’s grandmother’s room. Her aunt checks on her brother. Michelle sits by her grandmother’s bed and touches her face. Michelle walks to the window and looks outside. She calls Kelly and then Beyoncé. Michelle kisses her grandmother’s forehead and waits by the door.

In all the three screens, they hug Michelle.

Rating: 4/5

It was a tough, life-changing for Kelly, Michelle and Beyoncé.

Michelle’s grandmother had been suffering for a long time. She had defeated cancer in her forties. However, she didn’t let it stop her from living her life. She drew while in the hospital and after she was declared cancer free, she raised money for charity walks. She babysat for Michelle and her sister. A stroke, though, left her with limited mobility. Michelle’s life now included trips to the doctor, home care nurses and occasional hospital visits. One fall had led to an extended hospital stay. The family was told she was dying and could go into hospice. However, her family chose to bring her home. She couldn’t bring herself to make the call to her best friends that she had passed.

Michelle was in the back of Kelly’s mind. Kelly’s boyfriend was moving to another state. He was unable to find a job in Texas and didn’t have much of a choice. They had decided on a long-distance relationship. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to move. She’d been checking job listings in Los Angeles. There was opportunity for her. However, she thought of Michelle. She wanted to be there for her. Her grandmother had practically raised her. Kelly’s mother had surgery when they were children and her grandmother had let her stay over for dinner after school. Her boyfriend could wait.

Beyoncé had told Michelle to keep her updated. She opted to clean the house as she waited for her call. Her boyfriend had gone out with his friends and she had some much needed alone time. However, she sees her boyfriend with another woman by the door. With a hollow pit in her stomach, she reaches for bleach and some of his clothes. As she sits in the bathroom, ready to pour the bleach, she thinks of Michelle’s grandmother. She always told them that no boy was worth the drama. She puts the bleach away. Her phone rings and she knows: Michelle’s grandmother is gone.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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