Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly “Habits”

Machine Gun Kelly, in a red suit jacket, white jacket and pants walks down alley. A building is highlighted in neon pink. He touches his head and swirls of brain activity are drawn inside.

In a hallway, a line passes through the screen. He talks to the mirror in the bathroom, pointing to it, lit in flourescent blush light.  His face melds on the other side of the mirror, changing colors.

At night, walking down the same alley, he lights his cigarette, which turns a teal and tosses it on the ground. His white t-shirt changes to a vivid yellow, green and blue. He dances on the balcony, underneath a blush lit sky. Orange and lavender neon hearts fly in the sky.

He stands on the navy blue stage around a fiery orange heart.  Teal question marks form in his body as he walks. He leans over the bridge and shouts into the lake. He splits into two, as royal purple scrawls bounce on his jacket. Several versions of himself stand between the neon hearts on stage.

As he jumps in a garden, his body is colored in flames. He touches the bathroom mirror, viewing neon hearts over his face. He steps on the neon hearts. They blend into one, swirling in an endless circle, growing larger.

Rating: 3/5

Machine Gun Kelly’s surreal technicolor walk varies from cautious to an out of control mind twist of neon. The drawn on scrawls of red on his jacket stay within the lines, invoking 90s nostalgia with little going on in the background to complement it.

However, the blush pink in the sky and on the buildings create the illusion of a lucid dream that he is trying to understand. His subconscious alerts him that he views himself as a monster, as his face changes form in the mirror. He presses his finger on it, hoping to pass through but it remains solid.

His body becomes an orange sludge of flames, though, as he wanders the garden. The overdrawn lines and heavy color make it seem as though it’s a bulky coat rather than an explosion going on inside him.

Director: Johnny Wozy!  Year: 2017

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