Video Review: Fergie “A Little Work”

A little girl in a mustard yellow padded cell runs up to the camera and taps it. At the mental hospital, nurses adminster medications to patients strapped to their beds. In black-and-white, the security camera films them. Fergie curls her toes and shifts in her bed, trying to free herself from her restraints. She shakes as she sees the nurse (also Fergie) carry the syringe. The nurse covers her mouth.

In black-and-white, Fergie wears a glittery minidress and walks inside a church. Back in color, she struts in the mustard yellow padded cell as though it were a runway. She tears her strait jacket off and kicks it to the corner. After several hours, she falls asleep. She imagines her pills circling around her head.

A female server (also Fergie) returns home from work and makes a bottle for her baby. She plays with her baby’s feet on the bed and makes some phone calls. She stares off at the eviction notice taped to the door. On the floor, she signs her checks and mails out some bills. She touches the cross in her kitchen and cleans up.

In church, she wears a black dress with a long veil and approaches the casket. As she lies in her hospital bed, explosions go off and men run with the machine guns during the war. Her husband sees her lying on the bed and touches her hand. The S.W.A.T. closes in to complete the mission. Back in black-and-white, she throws her jacket on the ground in the church.

Wearing a sheer aqua cape, she raises her arms in the forest. The little girl walks with her. The little girl whispers a secret in her ear and touches her cheek.

Rating: 3/5

The tap on Fergie’s door signaled the end of her sanity. She opened it and it was a soldier offering his condolences. She collapsed by the front door in tears. Family and friends offered their help. They baby sat her child on short notice and provided meals for them.

However, her savings were draining fast as the bills piled up. She couldn’t find a full-time job and in a week, she was going to lose her home. Her parents chipped in for the rent. But another couple of months and she was in trouble again. It was all too much. She had to hide from the bad people. The bad people were going to take everything. She opened the closet door and stayed in there with her infant daughter. Police had to drag her out.

Fergie lost custody of her daughter and was sent to the mental hospital. She thinks of her daughter. She would be six now. She imagines that she and her daughter are in the forest, casting spells and telling stories. Her parents come to visit and she asks about her daughter. But they don’t know anything. She inquires if her daughter could visit her. She misses her so much. Her parents tell her she’s with another family now. She asks again and turns over the table. The nurses take her away. She calls for her daughter.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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