Video Review: Hilary Duff “Come Clean”

From her bedroom, Hilary Duff watches as the wind stretches the rain drops at the window and then sits on the bed. She calls her boyfriend and leaves a message for him.

After taking a bath, she sits on the windowsill in her white robe. She gets up and wipes off the mirror with her hand. Her boyfriend gets into his car and stares at his lawn. She walks around in the kitchen and places a pot on the table. She looks up at the leak in the ceiling. Her boyfriend checks his phone again.

Her friends tap on the window and she lets them inside. They sit in the family room and watch television. A friend of hers plays his guitar. There’s a click and the electricity goes out. She taps the remote and tosses it on the floor.

In the candle-lit family room, she rests her head on the pillow and lies on a blanket on the floor. Her boyfriend pulls up into her driveway and gets up. She runs outside in the rain and they hug.

Rating: 3.5/5

Hilary Duff wanted to stay in bed all day. The gray clouds moving in the sky exacerbated her awful mood. However, her stomach was growling and she needed to eat. She got dressed and reached for the cereal bowl in the cabinet.

As she ate her cereal, she listened to the rumble of thunder in the distance. The wind pounded against her home as the rain gushed from the sky in a rush. She checks the basement, fearing a flood and calls her boyfriend. They hadn’t talked in a while. Their relationship had ended abruptly. She saw him at school and he looked down at the floor.

It bothers her that he couldn’t express as to why he stopped contacting her. She calls him one final time and leaves a voicemail. A somber text to a friend led to them braving the storm to visit her. They sit with her for a few hours, watching television and helping her set up candles.

Her house was falling apart. She has to get her roof fixed. While she’s grateful for her friends, she wished she had someone special in her life. Although she loves her boyfriend, she isn’t certain how he feels. She doesn’t get her hopes up for him to come over.

To her surprise, he shows up. She isn’t sure what to say or how to act. He smiles at her and gives her a hug.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2003

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