Video Review: Khalid “Saved”

In Mexico, Khalid calls his ex-girlfriend and receives the automated voicemail message. He lies in his hotel room, listening to music on his headphones. He sits on the chair on the balcony and looks at the road.

Lit in a blurry pink, Khalid stands among palm trees. At night, he stands in the middle of the road of the downtown area, the violet neon signs reflecting on his shirt. A single palm tree glows underneath the street light.

He and his ex-girlfriend walk downtown at night, looking for a place to eat and then catch a cab. He puts his arm around her as the driver speeds to the club.

Shades of kelly green and baby blue neon hits his face as leans against the wall of the club. He lies on the cinnamon sand and taps his heart as he views the sunset.

Lit in aqua blue, he and his girlfriend stare at one another while at the club. She shrugs her shoulders at the bar, her drink beside her. She joins him on the cinnamon sand, touching his face as she rests her cheek on his as a light flashes over them.

They rise up in the ocean together, their heads touching.

Khalid answers his phone.

Rating: 3/5

Khalid wanders around Mexico, visiting his favorite spots in the downtown area. Last summer, he and his girlfriend vacationed there for a week. They drank tequila until they stumbled, ate quesadillas from street vendors and took midnight swims in the ocean. He wanted time to stop.

They returned back home and the magic evaporated. She picked fights with him over where to eat. He watched sports whenever they were together and ignored her. She broke up with a few weeks later, telling him she needs some space. He asked around, wondering if she found someone else. To his relief, her social status  still said single.

A year later, he chokes back tears he sees the club where they danced. He mostly hangs out at the hotel for a majority of the trip. The memories rush back and he wishes he could go back. He calls her, wanting to know how she is. On her social media, she’s been traveling and going to school. However, his friends have mentioned she isn’t dated anyone for a while. Every so often, his name will come up in conversation and it’ll register with her. His friends wait for her to ask after a pause. She’ll find a reason to excuse herself instead. His friends tell him to try. There’s a chance.

Director: David Hedman Year: 2017

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