Video Review: Tiffany “All This Time”

Around 10 p.m., a taxi drops Tiffany at the train station. She walks through the empty boarding area, hugging her chest with her arms and waits. She follows the train as it prepares to stop.

She walks into an auditorium and leans against a seat, staring into the spotlight shining on her. On a darkened stage, she performs.

The breeze lifts up her hair while she sits on the windowsill in the family room. She rides a carousel alone at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Back at the family room, she unwraps some letters tied with a pink bow and reads them. She walks on the stage, looking at the scarlet red columns and stairs set up for her performance.

While the sun sets, she leans against the railing at the pier. On stage, she is filmed through a sepia filter and hazy glass.  She raises her hand, feeling the rain drops and walks up the steps to her room.

A Charlie Chaplin puppet bounces outside. She walks to Knott’s Memory Lane and stands by the fountain. Lit in white, she sits on the windowsill. She stops at Cestrella’s and puts in a quarter in the slot. The animatronic fortune-teller turns her head to the left. She performs on a strip of film.

She waits at the train station. The fortune from the game reads: “The sun still shines. The sun still sets.”

Rating: 2/5

A romantic summer ended too soon. Tiffany had met her boyfriend at the beach while at the beach with her friends. He was staying at the resort with his aunt and uncle for two months. He initially told her he didn’t want to start anything. In August, he was returning home to Iowa and thought it would be a bad idea.

They were playing skee-ball at the arcade when he kissed her. He said he couldn’t hold back any longer. They spent every day together. She took him to Knott’s Berry Farm and walked down Sunset Boulevard. They viewed the Hollywood sign and subsisted on In-N-Out burgers. She cried as she said goodbye to him. They exchanged addresses.

The letters were quick within the first few months or so. In January, they began to fall off and by the spring, she hated checking the mail, knowing there wasn’t going to be a response to her last letter. Her mother tells her there will be other boys and he wasn’t good enough for her. However, she fell for him.

In two weeks, school will be out and she’ll be back at the beach, looking for him.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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