Video Review: Camila Cabello “Never Be The Same (Version 1)”

In fast forward, clips from Camila Cabello’s previous videos and performances play. The hands on the clock sprint from hour to hour.

A six month old Cabello smiles into the camera. As a ten-year-old, she sings around the house and holds her infant sibling. She practices the recorder as her infant sibling in the high-chair reaches for her shoulder. She grins as her parents film her during her choir concert at school. She plays with a strings of a guitar as a six-year-old.

As an adult, she performs on the couch in the recording studio. She dances on the streets of Greece and views a landmark. At home, she writes out the tracklist. She blows a kiss to the camera and shakes her head in the studio as she records. She sniffs a flower inside a garden. She pets her dogs and posts on social media. She puts on some eyeshadow.

She smiles and then climbs the monkey bars. She performs for her family and then on an awards show. Clips from “Crying In The Club” and “Havana” play. Young female fans jump up and down when they see her. She hugs them. On the red carpet for an event, she turns her head and poses for the cameras.

In the huddle before the show, she invites a little girl into it. At a photo shoot, filmed in a sepia tone, she pulls the straps of her top forward. Backstage, she throws some food at one of her dancers. She posts a groggy video on social media and performs on a morning show. She and her friend wave at the camera while they sit in the backseat of a car.

Her sister calls out “Action” and says it’s a retake. Cabello waits for the gift being presented by a friend. However, her friend can’t get the words out. They all laugh. In the center, she sings on her phone. Fans are featured on the left and right, also singing. Cabello sings into a brush and puts on some blush. All the videos blend together, creating the single cover.

She accepts an award and performs with James Arthur. Clips from “Havana” play. She visits Paris with some friends. She leans against a column and stretches. She gives her speech at the award show.

Rating: 2/5

From a young age, Camila Cabello was interested in music. She would sit on the floor with her baby sister and practice on the recorder. Her parents attended choir concerts until high school. Her entire life revolved around music.

Then she became famous overnight. However, her time with Fifth Harmony is edited out, leaving out chunks of information needed for context. The lack of acknowledgment, both petty and vindictive, seems to be an act of revenge. With Fifth Harmony being fully erased, it’s as though it didn’t happen, torching an otherwise intact bridge for no reason.

Going solo has turned out to be a great decision so far, leading to several hit singles. But the album isn’t out yet and it’s only her debut. The retrospective celebrating her success is too soon. By relying on early numbers and followers on social media, she and her management believe she’s on her way to superstardom. However, it fails to take account of any interview misfires or changing trends.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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