Video Review: Van Halen “Panama”

A plane teeters in the air.

On stage, at the Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island, David swings from left to right, holding a boombox to his ear. A female fan in the front row waves her panties at him. Eddie spins and plays the guitar.

Two police officers apprehend David inside a bathroom and escort him out. Paparazzi take pictures of him wearing only a towel as he is handcuffed and arrested. David and Eddie drive in a convertible through downtown Los Angeles.

Michael flies in the air, playing his guitar. Eddie smiles and mugs for the camera. David jumps on stage. Inside a bathroom, Eddie sings beneath a woman’s leg perched on the sink. Van Halen and the crew hold up their beers to the camera. David leaps from the stage. David pretends to fence.

During the afternoon, David rides a motorcycle. Eddie exhales smoke rings while playing the piano. Two dancers, wearing a blue track suit, slides down a pole and move in place. David slides down the center pole in his stage outfit. David leapfrogs over Michael and then does the splits. Michael laughs as David points a hair dryer at Eddie’s face. David crawls on the stage. Michael sips his beer as he swings from left to right.

David twirls a ribbon. Eddie only hangs by his foot as he dangles from the stage. David ruffles his long hair. Eddie plays his guitar as he swings. In a small circle, David shouts “Panama!”

Rating: 3/5

The crew had reiterated to the band that the cable is sensitive and to practice only necessary movements. Otherwise, injury could occur. The band listened to the lecture, their arms folded across their chest. Once the lead left, the band asked one of the stage hands to keep it up. As the band members took turns keeping watch for any management, they swung from the cable. However, Eddie was dangling by one foot and they had call for the lead to take him down.

Backstage, the band had found some random items. David uses a hair dryer to tease Eddie. He also finds a ribbon from a gymnastics show and twirls it around. The sword, though, goes into David’s bag. Michael gets a kick out of it. They fill the refrigerator in their dressing rooms with beer. Michael half-drunk before the show. The crew grit their teeth as they mop the stage from the beer that spilled on the floor.

Goofing off, though, relieves any tension from being stuck on the bus together all day long over several months. Management and the crew may be annoyed at them. However, at this point, it’s what allows them to have jobs. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to stand one another and quit.

Director: Pete Angelus Year: 1984

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