Video Review: Cheat Codes, Fetty Wap & CVBZ “Feels Great”

In the desert, a couple rides two ATV’s on a steep hill of a mountain. Trevor, Matthew and KEVI lie their ATV’s on the road and walk. Trevor walks to his girlfriend, who is leaning against her vintage car. He pushes her stalled car on the road while KEVI sits on the hood of a truck. Matthew holds his dog in the air.

KEVI uses a golf club while standing on the pick-up truck and hits rubber ducks. KEVI speeds off on his ATV. Cheat Codes, several women, and CVBZ stand in a group on the road, dancing. A young woman sits next to a large rubber swan on the ground as the Matthew sprays the group with hose. Trevor nods his head. KEVI performs tricks on his skateboard.

In a theater, a second young woman watches Fetty Wap rap on the screen. She walks up to the screen and rubs her body against it. A third young woman sits with Matthew on his ATV and hugs him.

Underneath a lapis spotlight, Cheat Codes sing as Fetty Wap raps.  In silhouette, a young woman arches her back on a chair. Trevor’s girlfriend lies on top of her car. In the evening, they wave flashlights with red bulbs as they dance on the road.

In the morning, KEVI, Matthew and Trevor walk towards their ATV’s.

Rating: 1/5

Trevor, Matthew and KEVI dance without a worry. They all called off their part-time jobs to hang out in the desert for the weekend. KEVI one point away from being fired for attendance. However, it doesn’t bother him. There’s always another store that’s hiring.

Trevor has a girlfriend. It’s his first, steady relationship. He was excited to ask her. She’s adventurous and impulsive. She owns a vintage car that she refuses to junk. However, he thinks it’s unsafe but doesn’t say it out loud. He says something to KEVI, who constantly sprays his girlfriend with the hose. Pointing in the direction of a young blonde woman, he tells KEVI to pay attention to his own girlfriend instead.

Matthew hangs out with their new friends, CVBZ and Fetty Wap most of the time. Both of his best friends are in relationships and he wanted to invite some single guy friends. He’s glad they said yes. Otherwise, he’d have to make up an excuse. He can’t be the tag-a-long anymore.

For now, it seems as though life is in their favor. They don’t have much responsibility, other than paying a few bills and going into work. The future seems limitless and unchanging. They are invincible.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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