Video Review: Eminem & Beyoncé “Walk On Water”

A thin spiral of light glows leads to a microphone inside a darkened theater. Eminen sits to the left in a chair, rubbing his chin. He gazes at the microphone and then feels the heat of the spotlight with his hand. He grips the microphone.

The lights in the auditorium turn on slowly. While he raps, stage hands create the backgrounds, forming skylines of a  thriving city.

A version of himself types nonsensical words on a typewriter in a classroom. Among the fifteen students, each one is an identical version of himself.

People of all ages rush into the theater and listen to him perform. On stage, a hologram of Proof raps next to him. Snow falls from the ceiling, freezing the stage into a sheet of glass.

Outside, he warms his hands by blowing into them as the snow continues to fall. He zips up his jacket and views a frozen version of himself underneath the ice. Hands in his pockets, he walks towards a covered monument and takes off the cloth.

In the classroom, a version of himself writes out the lyrics to “Stan.” Realizing he has written something memorable, he gets up from the desk and shows it to the camera. He exclaims, “Bitch, I wrote Stan.”

Rating: 4/5

The words are in Eminen’s mind but they won’t connect to a phrase. He sets time aside to write. However, he stares at a blank screen. He turns the music off, which usually inspires him and plays a game on his phone for a while.

He deletes a week’s worth of work. The rhymes are lackluster and seem to be cliché. They seem to be want everyone wants to hear from him. He scrolls through his social media, checking to see how his friends are doing and answers some private messages. None of it seems to be provoking any thought for him.

He assures himself he’s a talented writer. However, he sometimes wonders if his best ideas are behind him. He’s turned phrases in every direction without even looking. As a twentysomething, he had to write fast. His words had to be his way out and there wasn’t much time for introspection.

He finds an old journal. In it are the lyrics to “Stan.” Stan was a term he coined for overzealous fans. He changed a person’s name to a verb and it became a part of pop culture. It’s a feat only a handful of writers can manage and he was one of them.

What would Stan think of him now? With that question in mind, he begins to write and continues into the early morning.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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