Video Review: Madonna “Like A Virgin”

In the late evening in Venice, Italy, a horn honks from the boat as it travels through the water. Madonna steps out of the boat and views a landmark.

Wearing a neon-green sheer top with a black bra underneath and black pants, she spots a lion walking between the columns of the Piazza San Marco. In a black top with pearls around her neck, black skirt and skintight electric blue leggings, she walks over the bridge.

She dances as she rides the gondola.

In a white, lacy wedding gown, she pulls the veil to her face. Inside a spacious castle, she removes white sheets from the furniture scattered in the bedroom. Her husband takes off his lion mask. She views his shadow as he moves in the bedroom and covers her face with her gown. She opens the door to the balcony.

She rolls around on the gondola. The lion pants and walks towards her as she stands in her dress, waiting by the columns.

Her husband carries her to bed.

On the bridge, the lion-man meets her and lifts her up. Wearing a black dress, he leads her back to the boat.

Rating: 5/5

Madonna folds her hands in prayer with her husband as she passes St. Peter’s in the Vatican City. The shame of her sins cling to her as they kiss on the streets of Rome. She longs to pull him into the ancient walls and make love to him.

Her insatiable desire sends shivers over her body and she breaks out in a hot sweat, dampening her hair. She whispers in his ear her erotic thoughts and he blushes. A purist to the day of the wedding, he would touch her and then ask for God’s forgiveness as they lain naked.

She made a promise to God to no longer covet the company of another man and to be faithful. The longing gazes from the striking European men in the galleries and cafes tempt her with their romantic language. A simple brush of the hand could lead her down a damnable path.

A few days and nights alone within the hotel room awakened his repressed hunger. His kisses were endless as they entwined their limbs together into the early morning. His primal instincts overtook his innocence, silencing his prayers.

Director: Mary Lambert Year: 1984

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