Video Review: Shakira “Try Everything”

From the film, Zootopia,  an animated bunny named Judy taps her phone to play Gazelle’s (Shakira) new song. She rides in the back of a truck and looks out the window as she leaves for the city of Zootopia.

In a recording studio, Shakira sings into the microphone as the producer oversees the controls.

Gazelle, projected on a city building, introduces herself and welcomes everyone to the city. The train whizzes by. In a red sequined crop top and skirt, Gazelle performs on a circular platform with several tigers dancing around her. The animals watch another screen of Shakira singing.

At Zootopia Police Academy, Judy runs on ice and slips, freezing in the cold water. She attends class and offers a fist bump to her classmate. At 5:30 a.m., Judy wakes up and gets ready for work.

Shakira walks around a little in the studio.

As she drives, Judy bops her head to the music. Judy exits the train, carrying her suitcase, wide-eyed and excited. She watches as a hippo in a suit is washed in water before going to work. Hamsters slide into their large cubes. She bounces as she walks in the downtown area.

At the concert, she jumps up and down, playfully bumping into Nick. Judy sighs and puts her head on the steering wheel. Nick and Judy get caught into a trap at night, alerting the police who are waiting. Nick reluctantly starts to dance. She outruns one of her classmates at the academy and sails through the obstacle.

Shakira smiles in the studio.

Rating: 4/5

In Bunnyburrow, there isn’t much of a future. Judy sees her friends harvesting carrots with the families on the farm, struggling to get by. Judy wants a better life for herself and plans to move to Zootopia.

She idealizes Gazelle, a famous pop singer. Gazelle came from a rural area like her and was able to survive working several jobs while recording her demos in the early morning. Gazelle has said in interviews she has lost friends to farms and doesn’t know whether they are alive or dead. She couldn’t live her life day to day. She had to leave.

Judy’s dream is simply to have a comfortable 9 to 5 job, which allows her to work with different animals and have a social life. After her acceptance into the Zootopia Police Academy, she took the first train out and moved into her new home.

She was amazed to walk into the clean and modern city. The city had provided washing stations for its animals and personalized transportation, depending on species. She couldn’t wait to see what it would be like to help patrol the city and keep it safe.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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