Video Review: The Cure “Just Like Heaven”

With violet clouds rolling in the sky, The Cure plays on the mountain. The clouds shift to a lush aqua blue. Robert hugs himself underneath the pink sky. He spins on the burning orange mountain.

In the middle of the night, a young woman wearing a wedding gown spins on the edge of the cliff. Robert lies in front, in a white shirt, his hands in the dirt. The band sits in the background. Robert dances with the young woman. They dissolve into the waterfall.

Robert wakes up on top of the mountain alone as the sun starts to rise. He rubs his eyes and gazes over the cliff, watching the water. He crawls on the ground, his body stretched.

Rating: 3/5

Forever was only a day. Robert and his wife were married on the beach and  then flew the desert for their honeymoon. They slept in the caves and hiked through the forest. After a long day, they reached the cliff. However, she overstepped and fell. She clung to the edge, screaming for him to grab hold of her hand, As he grabbed her arm, he could feel himself slip along with her.

He wandered the illustrious heaven, searching for her. Some band members found him and asked him how he got there. He explained and showed them some songs he wrote. It was a song he wrote for her at the wedding. They agreed to perform it. He hopes she is able to hear his voice in the distance.

Is she still breathing? Could she be in hell? Was she back home? She seems to have to become a faint vision in his mind, turning into an ethereal being than an actual person. Heaven, with its daunting colors and dark twists, has a relentless presence, feeding off his past memories until he lets go.

Director: Tim Pope Year: 1987

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