Video Review: Savage Garden “I Knew I Loved You”

Darren walks onto the subway in New York City.

As the lights flash, Darren leans against a pole while Daniel plays guitar in the empty train.

Darren takes his seat. A fortysomething woman talks with a friend. He folds his arms across his chest and points his gaze to a blonde young woman (Kirsten Dunst). She gives him a small smile and then looks down. Next to Darren, two eight-year-old girls talk. One holds up her goldfish swimming in a plastic bag.

Darren and Daniel sit in the chairs at the station.

Two twentysomething young women talk. The long-haired brunette woman, wearing a tiara, leans as her friend whispers in her ear. A twentysomething man talks to his girlfriend, the bouquet of roses in his hand. Another woman reads a book.

The train stops and the red emergency lights turn on inside. A father holds his seven-year-old’s daughter hand. Friends reach for one another’s hands. The blonde young woman and Darren lock eyes. He holds her hand.

As they hold hands, he sees them hanging out in the park on a summer day, giggling and talking with one another.

The emergency lights go off and they pull their hands away from each other. Hearing her stop, she looks up at the door and gets up. He bumps into her and she smiles at him again.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young blonde woman, over Thanksgiving dinner with Darren’s parents, believed she wouldn’t ever see him again. She liked him and thought he was handsome. However, when their hands touched, she felt something inside her swell. However, she dismissed it, thinking it was a special moment and to leave it be.

She continued to think about for several months afterward, looking for him on the subway during her stop. But he wasn’t there. She was on lunch break from her internship when he walked into the restaurant to pick up his carry-out. She nearly spilled her coffee and ran up to the counter. She introduced herself and said they had seen each other on the train.

At first, she thought, he would be taken aback by her forward nature. However, he smiled and said he remembered. He mentioned he was glad they had a chance to formally meet. They exchanged phone numbers and he asked her out.

Darren gazes at her and says he knew they would see each other again. It was meant to be.

Director: Kevin Bray Year: 1999


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