Video Review: Tinashe “Company”

In the darkness, Tinashe and her dancers tiled floor. Smoke filters through the air as she and the female dancers swing their hips. Electric blue illuminates the room while they grab their breasts and ruffle their long hair.

The lights on the floor flash as they bend down. Several men dancers join them in the routine. They all thrust their hips and the men exit once they get up. However, one man stays behind and holds onto Tinashe. He picks her up and she straddles him.

As she and the young man dance, beige cutouts on an aqua drape roll up to the top of the stage. The women walk back into the routine again and the young man exits.  The woman place their hands one another’s backbone and dance in a line. They punch the air and the men return again.

She and the men continue the routine. They take off their shirts and move around her in a circle. They bend their backs on the floor as she moves in the center. The woman come back. All the dancers roll their hips.

Tinashe dances by herself. She spreads her legs into a split, shakes her head and glances over her shoulder. She touches her hair and body as she tilts her head back.

Rating: 3/5

The tie-dyed cropped t-shirt cut over the bra threatens to choke Tinashe and her dancers as they pump their arms. The conceit is kept in the opening as the women start their routine. However, as they exit the stage, the t-shirts undergo some adjustments once they return.

First, the t-shirt rises to the bra and then over it towards the end. With each movement, the t-shirt seems either ready to tear or cut off one of the dancers’ circulation. Nonetheless, it seems uncomfortable. However, their detailed bras with criss-crossing straps deserve some exposure. One dancer has three black straps added underneath her bra. Tinashe’s straps is a cutout. Two other dancers have a plain black bra. However, the neon cropped t-shirt adds to the design.

Director: Jack Begert Year: 2017

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