Video Review: Lee Ann Womack “I Hope You Dance”

In a golden sunlit field, soft leaves float in the sky. A ten-year-old girl and holds her two-year-old’s sibling hand as they approach a gate. They walk barefoot on the pavement.

Two ten-year-old girls appear and began a ballet routine in the field.

Behind the gate, Lee Ann Womack, in a silver dress, sits on a cushioned seat in an aqua square tiled room. She smiles at the ten-year-old girl sitting next to her. The baby holds out her hands.

Several twelve-year-old children play the violins as the young ballerinas hold hands and spin one another around. One ballerina traces her foot in the sand as she walks.

The ten-year-old spins in the room. The baby shuffles from side to side. Womack sits on the floor, grinning  as the baby walks.

A light rain starts to fall and one of the ballerina prances through the field. Womack spins around, holding the baby as the ten-year-old dances. The clouds lift and the sun peeks out again.

In the bed, the ten-year-old girl sits with a book as Womack smiles. The baby sleeps underneath her arm on the pillow. The ten-year-old girl carries her baby sister as they walk through the gate.

The dancers disappear. A rainbow shines in the sky. Womack waits for them with a smile. The children play as she sits on the floor and then fall asleep in bed. She raises her arm in the room, lit in shades of pink.

Rating: 1/5

LeeAnn Womack wants a better life for her children. As a young adult, she was scared to ask out a boy she liked and went to the closest college to home. She didn’t travel abroad, staying within the states. Flying made her nervous. After college, she married her college sweetheart.

Although she has a degree, she never got a chance to work in the field. While working at her part-time job, she became pregnant and then quit. She’d scan the job listings, seeing ads for an entry-level developer and wish she could apply.

Then, she found out her husband was having an affair and he divorced her to marry his girlfriend. Unable to find a job right away, she lost the house. Her ex-husband was fighting her on the alimony. Devastasted and broke, she moved in with her sister for a while until she could find a better job.

She thought about the boy she liked when she was 20 years old and wondered if he was single. She searched for him on the Internet and discovered he had started his own company. She was proud of him. However, as she read his bio, she wanted to cry as he talked about the love of his life, his beautiful wife of a decade.

She sees her ten-year-old girl, telling her that she wants to be like her. She encourages them to go out in the world and take risks. “Mommy made some mistakes,” she explains. She reiterates that life has limited her choices now. “Just try and even if you fail, it doesn’t matter. At least you know.”

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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