Video Review: Migos, Nicki Minaj & Cardi B “MotorSport”

At night, streaks of lightning flash in the sky, illuminating the hallways and offices inside the skyscrapers.

Inside a garage, Quavo leans against his car, wearing a lime green racing uniform. He points to his matching 100% headband. A spotlight hovers over a projected logo on a skyscraper. Mechanics walk around, inspecting the car.

A computer scans Quavo’s body and downloads the information into the car. A female mechanic drinks Hype. A silver airplane flies in the air. A hologram of Quavo listens to music on his headphones.

Offset makes the steering motion with his hands as he stands near his car. A female mechanic stares into the engine. The headlights get tested. A screen inside his car finds malware in the system. Cardi B stands next to the car as Offset sits in the driver’s seat. Cardi leans on the hood of the engine, swishing her long, faded aqua hair. The red car zips into the night.

Quavo, Offset and Cardi B stand on the rooftop.

Nicki Minaj, in a pearl lit tunnel, walks towards her immaculate powder painted car. Her fuschia braids touch the floor as she bends down. She rests her feet on the hood of the car and raises her eyebrow as she looks at the camera.

Quavo raps as Minaj drives. A spotlight hovers the Encrypt’s logo. Quavo’s hologram folds his hands in prayer. The spotlight touches upon the other neon signs on the skyscrapers.

Rating: 3/5

In a span of a century, New York City has become the leader in technology. It was the first to move away from electronic billboard signs and focus on neon logos projected on its skyscrapers.

Concept cars are the norm. They adjust to earth’s gravity, its steel thinning as jets into the air. Some models, featuring technology which downloads information about the user, personalizing the experience, has been in the experimental process for several years. Quavo, Offset, Takeoff, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have become the first to test the models.

However, it’s a static world in which movement seems sluggish. Technology has advanced to the extent that it has slowed down any improvements. Only a certain part of New York has experienced growth, leaving the suburbs and other surrounding areas in despair.

In a tight plastic outfit, Minaj has fully adapted to the future. She seems to have injected herself with some robotic supplements and starting the transformation into a humanoid as she tilts her head. Cardi B and Migos hold onto the past, wearing traditional clothing.

Directors: Bradley & Pablo & Quavo Year: 2017

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