Video Review: Nick Lachey “Shut Up”

In Calabass, California, a mobile home is parked by a patch of cracked mud. A young woman (Jennifer Morrison) kicks her boyfriend (Dax Shepard) out of the mobile home. He lands facedown on the couch outside. She slams the door and he raises his fists.

He turns on the television and watches a Nick Lachey video. While he adjusts the antenna, Lachey walks onto his front porch, shirtless to get the newspaper. Lachey shakes his head as the young man grunts in frustration.

The young man sits on the couch and watches the video. The young woman pulls the curtain from the window and curls her mouth. The young man starts getting into the music and begins to dance.

The two female dancers appear on Lachey’s lawn to teach him the choreography. The young man jumps and slaps his butt. Lachey cringes from his porch. The young man points and smiles at Lachey, who has put on a white shirt.

Lachey demonstrates a move with a dancer. The young man copies it and then kisses the dancer. Lachey and the other female dancer pull the young man off. The young man perfects the move on the next try and then spits. Lachey claps for the young man as he kicks.

Lachey and the young man continue to dance on the top of the mobile home. Back on the lawn, the young man practices some of the moves. His girlfriend grins as she watches from the window. She opens the door and he plucks a flower for her. They kiss.

Lachey and the two female dancers wave as the couple drives off.

Rating: 1/5

A week ago, Nick Lachey had spotted a mobile home parked near his home. His neighbors had told him to report them to the police. He figured whoever lived there was down on their luck and needed to stop for a while. They seemed to not realize where they were.

One morning, though, he got his first glimpse of a young man trying to dance. Lachey, feeling sorry for him, sent his two female dancers to help. The shocked young man was surprised by the attention. However, he called out “my man!” as Lachey offered to assist him. After some talking, Lachey found out they had run into some engine trouble and had to refuel. They were waiting on some money from family to pay for it. Their mobile had sputtered to a stop in the Calabass neighborhood.

Lachey made a few calls and had someone fix their mobile home. Within a couple of hours, they left. The couple thanked him for his time and apologized for the intrusion. The young man said no one in his family could believe that Lachey paid for everything and taught him how to dance. Lachey said he was glad to be of help.

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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