Video Review: Kane Brown & Chris Young “Setting the Night On Fire”

In black-and-white, Chris Young, wearing a polka-dotted shirt and baseball cap, walks into the studio. Young and Kane Brown listen to the producer before recording.

With his baseball cap backwards and headphones over his ears, Brown sings into the microphone. Young reads the lyrics from his phone as he sings.

After the first take, the producer points as he explains the corrections needed to Brown. The producer adjusts the controls as he prepares for Young’s second take.

Brown and Young head to TopGolf after work. They both hit the ball at the same time. Young laughs and Brown grins in response. Brown tilts his head as he watches Young hit the ball into the distance while he drinks a beer. Brown smiles as he gets a hole-in-one and waves. Young touches his lips and gives Brown a pat on the shoulder. Brown points to his friends.

Brown and Young talk as they get some water.

Young turns to the camera and points his fingers as though he were shooting a gun. Brown laughs.

At TopGolf, Brown points a finger in the air.

Rating: 1/5

Kane Brown had been looking forward to working with Chris Young. Young had at least a decade of experience in the music industry and he thought he could ask him some questions.

Brown arrived on time. He and his producer talked for a while. Young strolled in about fifteen minutes later, phone in hand. He apologized for being late and then laughed at a tweet sent to him while the producer gave his instructions.

Brown put on his headphones and started to record. Before the session, he had practiced for a week on guitar, memorizing the lyrics. He didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the well-known producer. Young, though, reads the lyrics from the email sent to him by Brown. The only words he knows are from the chorus.

Young insists on two takes and then invites Brown out golfing with him. Brown points to the studio, stating he may need one more take. It didn’t feel right to him. Young laughs it off and says they are done for the day. The producer says he’ll do what he can and lets them go.

For six hours, they hang out at TopGolf, practicing their swing. Brown tries to talk work but Young cuts him off, saying life’s too short and asks him about the women he met on the road.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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