Video Review: Justin Timberlake “Filthy”

In San Francisco, California, employees of a Fortune 500 tech company await to start their meeting inside an auditorium. The employees clap as their CEO, Justin Timberlake, is announced.

Timberlake calls out “Hey!” to them and runs on stage as confetti falls. He asks them how they are doing and presents the robot that will soon be available to consumers. Attached to a harness, the robot walks down the steps, its limbs lighting up in red.

He explains the robot will be durable and handle every day tasks as a young woman shoves it. The robot pours a glass of water and kicks a ball into the audience. He adds that it’s able to pick up on human movement. Backstage, he dances and the robot duplicates the moves. The employees clap at the robot’s precise movements.

Timberlake rubs his crotch, which the robot imitates, shocking his employees. The robot exhales some smoke and then does the splits. Its skeleton lights up and the employees cheer. The young women crawl on the floor and the robot spreads one woman’s legs apart. Two male employees giggle to one another.

The robot spreads it arms, its body lighting up in red. The employees give a standing ovation. Timberlake becomes pixellated and disappears.

Rating: 4/5

The Smart Robot, the most anticipated invention from Silicon Valley, became the world’s nightmare. Initial newspaper articles were commending the company for creating it but questioning the ethics of it. People were exclaiming on social media that they would love it if they could afford it.

Then, it became readily available. Restaurants in Los Angeles and New York had robot servers. They claimed their profits soared and were able to expand. Airports and factories also bought in bulk.Ā The employees became millionaires.

However, the nation faced an unemployment and poverty crisis, as multiple workers in various industries were affected. The government blamed the people for not retraining themselves and offered a pittance in response. It wasn’t enough. Starving people protested in the streets all over the nation and stormed their representatives’ employment. Within a month, the government relented and passed the Universal Basic Income Law.

Director: Mark Romanek Year: 2018

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