Video Review: K. Michelle “F*** Your Man”

Wearing a red sequined bracelet, K. Michelle runs her hand along the piano and walks to the microphone.

In her bedroom, wearing a silk robe and lavender headband, she sits on the couch and flips her hair over her shoulders.

Wearing a black bra and underpants with sequined lace, she sings while the patrons of the restaurant eat their meals.

On a cardinal red stage with white dangling lights, she continues to sing. A woman sitting at a table side-eyes her. She shakes her head and points her finger. She laughs and looks off to the side. She cocks her head to the left.

Rating: 1/5

K. Michelle belches after finishing her flask of whiskey hidden in the couch. She was connecting to the rich patrons in the audience, letting them know her point of view about love and relationships. Money doesn’t always come with common sense. According to her boss, she was ranting all night. She shakes her head and searches the couch for another flask.

The pianist had whispered to K. Michelle that their break was coming up. She nodded her head.  She was feeling a bit thirsty anyhow. In the audience, she sees a woman sneering at her. Once he finished the song and was preparing to get up, she started to talk. “Your men are not safe around me.” The pianist slowly sat down and glanced over at the patrons. She went on to say that no man isn’t any woman’s property. She could snatch any woman’s man right from underneath him. The job pays well and plenty of men have taken care of her over the years.

A female server stopped by a table and gaped as Michelle continued to rant. The patron next to her tapped her shoulder and asked if Michelle was all right. The female server smiled and said sometimes she likes to talk to the audience. Miichelle took out a flask of whiskey from underneath her bra and began to sip it.  The female server rushed back inside the kitchen and let the owner know what was going on stage.

Back on the couch, she swishes some whiskey before gulping it down. The owner knew who she was when they hired her. She’s vocal and that one woman was looking at her as though she didn’t belong there. Her phone dings and she answers a text from one of the male patrons at the lounge. She’ll be meeting him at four.

Director: Child Year: 2017

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