Video Review: Taylor Swift “Out Of The Woods”

On screen, a message reads: “She lost him.” Taylor Swift stands barefoot at the ocean on Bethells Beach in New Zealand. in an aqua dress. Hundreds of branches curl and rise as they grow from underneath the ocean and sand.

At night, she walks barefoot in the mud on the Queenstown mountains and pauses as she hears the wolves growl behind her. She turns and sees the several wolves watching her on the hill. She moves through the towering trees and exhales the cold air. The wolves pounce and then chase her. She trips over a branch and then gets up. However, the wolves catch up with her and one rips her dress. She falls again.

She gazes up at the moon at she lies in the snow. The wolves follow her as she walks barefoot in the snow. She rips off her necklace and watches from the cliff as it falls into the ocean. Backwards, she raises her arms and jumps off the cliff. Landing in the ocean, she reaches for a water drop.

She emerges on the sand, her hair stringy and damp and gathers her strength. She walks to the tree in the hot sun and presses herself against while icicles form on her body, freezing her. An avalanche occurs and she runs.

At night, she crawls through a puddle of mud during a storm. She raises her arm and a branch curls around it. She becomes part of the tree as it grows. Fireflies buzz around her.

She lands back and forth between the several settings. At one point, she watches as the forest burns.

Swift stands, facing the ocean. A second version of herself walks towards her with a mud-streaked face and touches her shoulder.

The message reads at the end: “She lost him but she found herself. Somehow, that was everything.”

Rating: 4.5/5

The brutal forest seemed to be a maze Taylor Swift she couldn’t escape. The lapping waves of the once tranquil ocean were cut short by the thorny limbs growing at a rapid face.

The thousands of trees blocked the sun, forcing her to move through the darkness. The hungry wolves snapped and foamed at the mouth, waiting for her to have a weak moment. She ran until she ran out of breath. The wolves seized upon her.

Winter saved her life. The wolves had learned to trust her and she soon led them. The animals she feared were now guides, helping her trek through the forest and become self-reliant against the elements.

However, the thunderstorm came, spooking the wolves. They scattered and she was alone again. However, she knows she is able to survive. She becomes a part of nature. The woods burn. The beach seems to be far off although it’s only a few feet away. It’s a walk she knows she can do. She now has the strength.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2015

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