Video Review: Prince & the Revolution “Raspberry Beret”

The image on the drum spins on the door and then pauses. It becomes a door and opens to a room of people dancing between three circular platforms. People step on an animated floor with swirling white clouds in a blue sky.

Prince walks on stage and an awestruck female assistant hands him his guitar. He coughs and then starts to play. Behind the Prince and the band, the screen features an animated blonde woman riding her motorcycle on a sunny day. The bottom of the woman’s face can be seen. The pattern of her dress, though, is projected onto Prince and the dancers.

Prince’s head covers as the young woman and man ride off together, her hair turning to gray smoke. With the animated square taking over the screen, the young woman kisses the man on the cheek. After Prince plays on stage, the animated takes over the screen again. A tear drop forms into a rain heading into the sky. The rain taps the window of a home. The young man and woman kiss on the bed. Golden lightning strikes. The young man holds the string of a balloon and flies away.

Prince’s head covers the a scarlet red heart with wings flying, a rainbow and doves in the air. As the animated square takes over the screen, lips sing on the microphone while Prince holds it in his hand. The young woman, with a turquoise earring and jet black hair, turns her head away.

Prince continues to play while the people dance. The door closes.

Rating: 3.5/5

The animated short, retelling the story of the song, features a striking young woman and naive man heading off to a rendezvous. Unfortunately, Prince’s head blocks most the middle of it, creating some gaps and head-tilting to capture the detail.

The bits and pieces shape the mysterious young woman. Her smile and face are obscured as Prince performs. The young man seems to be in his early 20s. The woman’s age isn’t clear towards the end as she glances at the camera. She is at least in her late 20s, early 30s. Told from the young man’s point of view, their night together is an experience that would set the standard for any future women he meets.

He’s an optimist after being with her, seeing with the world with color again. Rainbows appear and a heart flutters away. However, the young woman remains unknown, an enigma to even him. For some reason, she saw something in him and took him out of his ordinary life.

Director: Prince Year: 1985


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