Video Review: Troye Sivan “My My My”

In black-and-white, Troye Sivan spreads his arms as he stands in a windy abandoned office building. He sits on the steps and walks down the street. Leaning against the doorway of several offices, he dances. Lights continue to flash. He swings his hips outside by the multiple towers and electrical wires.

Lit in crimson red, he lies on the floor. He touches his chest and hair underneath the lime-green light. In the corner, a bare-chested man exhales smoke. Another young man sits by the wall. Three young men stand in makeshift bathroom stalls. One has shirt up to his nipples. Sivan shakes his shoulder in the goldenrod light.

It switches back to black-and-white as Sivan continues to dance in the abandoned office building. Back in color, he slumps down on the wall, breathing hard.

Rating: 2/5

As a teenager, Troye Sivan was fortunate to have supportive parents. However, as he attends a concert or club late at night, he runs into the rent boys hitting on young men. They are familiar faces to him. Before he was out, he would talk to them in the bars. Their families had disowned them. They had lost friends, who felt their homosexuality was a choice, and had no one to help them.

He walks by an abandoned office building and sees three young men hanging out. The tattooed man has his shirt up to his nipples and calls out to him with despondent eyes. A muscled man, with a bare chest, smokes and then coughs. A third young man stays silent.

He answers the tattooed man, who leads him into the building. Sivan pays him and tells him he doesn’t want anything, only to talk. The tattooed man flinches, his eyes searching the room for a weapon. Sivan sits down and says he remembers him. He spends an hour with each one young man, finding them food and buying them clothes to keep warm for the night.

Director: Grant Singer Year: 2018

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