Video Review: Paul Simon “You Can Call Me Al”

Chevy Chase and Paul Simon squeeze into the door of a blush pink painted room and sit on two white plastic chairs. They shake hands. Chase crosses his legs and shrugs his shoulders as he tells a story. As he points, Simon gets up. By the door, he carries a drum and glances over his shoulder at Chase. Chase taps his feet and looks for Simon by the door.

Chase guffaws while Simon sits back in his chair and twiddles his fingers. Simon gets up again. Chase points his thumb, indicating that Simon is part of the story. Simon returns again, twiddling his thumbs and points to Chase. Simon plays a pencil as a flute. Chase drinks some water. Simon stands up and plays. Chase dances in his chair. Simon throws it to Chase and he puts it in his shirt pocket. They both get up and play their saxophones.

Chase sets the saxophone beside him and sits back down in the chair, continuing his story. Simon walks out again. He returns, carrying his guitar and the drum. Chase places the stand in the center and Simon puts the drum in it. Simon plays the drums. Chase moves the drum over a little, giving Simon some more room. Chase and Simon play the their saxophones again. Simon laughs as Chase blows the saxophone in his face. They dance out of the room, playing.

Rating: 4.5/5

In an interview, Chevy Chase explains he was having an ordinary day and lost all hope. However, he was able to find inspiration. Simon looks on and leaves. He’s heard the story multiple times now. Chase says it wasn’t easy and gets distracted mid-conversation as he looks for Simon.

Chase says the person was the opposite of him. It was going to be impossible to learn anything from the person. He didn’t take it seriously at all. Simon interjects that it was Chase was someone in need of help. Chase’s eyes bug out as he describes how amazed he was by the various acts of kindness. He didn’t know what to expect and smiles once he sees Simon. Without him, Chase would be fighting off his fatal vices. He bursts out into song. Simon decides to accompany him.

Chase beams as his talented friend plays and gets into it by starting to dance. Chase isn’t sure what he’s going to do now. There are so many possibilities. An unassuming Simon tilts his head as he listens. Simon and Chase like to goof a bit. Simon’s a quiet guy and Chase’s outgoing nature gets him to open up. Chase likes to Simon’s unique persceptive on things.

Director: Gary Weis Year: 1986

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