Video Review: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran & Future “End Game”

In Miami, Florida, Taylor Swift opens her hotel window and views the skyline of the city. She looks out the window of a Lamborghini and smiles at Future while they drive through the scarlet red-lit downtown area. On top of a yacht, she and her dancers perform a routine. A group of her friends dance in the dining area. She sits in the corner, holding up her drink. She and Future stand underneath a red neon “rep” sign.

A woman whispers into Future’s ear as they sit at a table. Future sits on some steps while she’s in the corner. A second woman takes a photo with the group. Wearing a DKNY custom hoodie, she removes her hood while sits on a stool. On an extended couch in a lounge, she clasps her hands and waits for Future. Wearing a Miu Miu military jacket, she spreads her arms in the air as she watches the fireworks on the beach.

At night, she walks in downtown Tokyo, staring at the signs. She and Ed Sheeran clink their glasses and then drink their shots at a karaoke bar. They listen to their friend sing. She takes off his glasses and puts them on backwards. The friend and Swift have a late night dinner. Drinks in hand, Swift, Sheeran and the friend play a game of Dance Dance Revolution. Sheeran taps Swift on the forehead. They ride motorcyles in the city.

It’s New Year’s Eve in London, England. Swift, wearing an Ashish dress, kisses a friend at the hotel bar. She pokes Sheeran on the face as they sit on the couch. She dances in the room. A friend walks around with a video camera recording the evening. Another friend sits in the corner, holding a balloon. She leads a toast and plays a game on her phone. Future rubs his hands together while she blows bubbles.

In the back of a double-decker bus, her friend from Japan dances. She walks on a bridge and pauses, her jacket falling to her elbows.

Rating: 5/5

Taylor Swift started her year off in Miami, Florida. A wealthy socialite, her life is an Instagram snapshot of expensive cars, famous friends and lavish outings. Future had invited her to his yacht and she had meaning to inquire about a collaboration for an artist. However, she felt out of place with his friends and stayed in the corner, twisting her straw in her drink. Future had asked her what was wrong and she had told him. He began to introduce her to some people.

A commercial shoot in Tokyo took her to Japan. Her best friend Ed Sheeran was already there promoting his album. They hung out in karaoke bars and played in the arcades with some friends they had met. Midway through the year, she had become the subject of some unpleasant stories and was glad to leave the States for a while. She deleted her public Instagram and shut down her other social media accounts.

By December, she was celebrating Christmas and New Year’s in London, England with Sheeran. Sheeran was like family to her. He had suggested she date a friend of is who was interested in her. She shrugged it off, saying she couldn’t let someone in again. Sheeran vouched for his friend, explaining he was a good guy and doesn’t care what was reported in the press. She trusts his opinion and finally said yes.

On New Year’s Eve, she gave a toast, thanking her friends for being there for her and added she couldn’t have made it through without her new love. “To 2018!” she said, raising her glass and everyone responded in unison. As she sits on the couch with her boyfriend, she believes 2018 will be a better year.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2018

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