Video Review: Dua Lipa “IDGAF”

Underneath a white oval light in a lapis blue painted room, there are two versions of Dua Lipa. Bending down, wearing a red cropped blouse and pants, she watches as the second Lipa, in blue, walks past her.

Blue Lipa walks in the middle of a row of people wearing either a red or the same outfit as her. Red Lipa shuffles in the back, avoid as the blue version of herself swats at the air. The Red and Blue versions of the people face each other and start to dance.

The Reds lull around and put their hand underneath their chins, aiming it at the Blues. The Blues jump up. They walk to the corner and face backwards. Blue Lipa looks to the camera. The Blues walk to the Reds and pull them down with their hand. They all roll their shoulders and put their hands in front of each other. However, both the Reds and Blues walk away, leaving both Lipas looking at one another on the floor.

The room has changed to a faded lit red. The Reds and Blues run up to each other. Some Blues push their Red selves away. It has rotated to the lapis blue light. The Reds fall to the floor and sit as the Blues dance. The Reds get up and join the Blues as they face the wall. Red Lipa faces the main door as it closes. Blue Lipa stands in the center and then stares down the red version of herself. Blue Lipa gives a red version of herself a kiss on the forehead.

The doors open again. The Reds and Blues form seperate lines as they continue to dance. They combine in a group as they hop around and shake their arms. Blue and Red Lipa walk together and nod at each other. They both turn to face their groups.

Rating: 1/5

Every person has several sides to themselves. Dua Lipa has separated the sides into two colors. In blue, she’s tough and aggressive, demanding her weaker self to bow down to her. A permanent scowl on her face, she doesn’t care about any else’s feelings anymore. She loathes who she is, belittling her own emotions.

In red, she’s vulnerable and submissive, caving into her worst instincts. She fears the future and the version of herself that she doesn’t recognize. The depression clings to her. Emotions have become shameful and she’s shunned for any expression of them.

The blue version of herself does reach out every so often. There was a moment of hope after a kiss. However, the separation still exists and a connection seems naive. Somewhere between the red and blue is the actual version of herself, a person she believes who has disappeared. Too much has happened and there is no going back to who she used to be.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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