Video Review: Juice Newton “Angel of the Morning”

Juice Newton walks onto a stage. She stands by the microphone and starts to sing. Her band accompanies her.

Wearing a pink robe, she opens her bedroom window and looks towards the street. She stares at her slippered feet and sees the children going off to school. She walks in her bedroom, staring at her getting dressed in her bed.

She sits at her vanity and touches her hair. She starts to brush it and her lover walks up beside her, placing his hand on her cheek. She rubs her hand and watches him as he leaves.

She walks back to her bedroom window and moves the curtain, watching him as he pulls his car out of the driveway. She opens it to see further and realizes he’s already gone.

Rating: 3.5/5

Juice Newton gazes out the window, shaming herself for sleeping with a man she hardly knows. Last night, he bought her a drink at the bar and they started to talk. She told him about her recent divorce. They had married too young. He was her first everything. However, he left her for a younger woman. She shook her head, tears in her eyes, telling him that it was too late to start over. The man had touched her chin and said that there others like him who saw her as a beautiful woman. He assured her that her life wasn’t over.

They had kissed in the parking lot. In his car, his hand was on her thigh while he steered the wheel in the direction of her home. Her head fuzzy, he had murmured that it meant something and she was safe in his arms. It was what she needed to hear. However, in the morning, she wished it to be true. He had left with a quiet goodbye. She searched her room for a note or a memento from the bar. However, there was nothing. It was simply a night of love.

She writes about the lost love in her notebook, creating a song around it. After scrapping some money together, she records a demo. A local bar calls her and asks her if she wants to play. She takes the night off work and finds some time to rehearse with the band, hoping he will be there in the audience.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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