Video Review: Pitbull & Ty Dolla $ign “Better On Me”

The sun sets in the city. An animated Pitbull raps on against some street art painted on a building. Four women in various colored crop tops dance by a vintage car. Graffitied on the wall is “Love Is Blind.”

Lavender palm trees are drawn in as the young woman with the honey blond hair flicks her fingers at the camera. A young woman with brunette hair leans against the hood of the car while an animated Ty Dolla $ign appears and rubs his eyes. The young woman with the honey blond air arches her back as Ty Dolla $ign raps to the left of her.

A young man splashes paint on the wall. He writes with the spray can as a young woman, wearing a black floral see-through top pouts. Ty Dolla $ign raps on the graffitied wall the young man was painting. Scrawled next to his image is “love” in kelly green.

A young woman bites her lip as she touches the aluminum fence. Ty Dolla $ign wears a hat as he raps while the young woman with the honey blond hair touches her body. A young woman in a yellow top glances at the street  art of political figures. An animated Pitbull dances underneath the painted “Cuba” banner.

The animated Pibull raps against a violet background on a billboard that hangs below a skyscaper.

As the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the city, the four young women walk across the street. They dance by a pole. The brunette woman puts her finger to her lips after spotting an animated Ty Dolla $ign rapping on a navy blue background with white swirls. A young woman, wearing a Cuba t-shirt, stands against a storefront and touches her hair.

The young woman with honey blond hair, wearing white boots, lifts her leg up as she passes the street art with an animated Pitbull. Ty Dolla $ign appears on both sides of the lavender painted wall.

The four young women sit in the car. The young man splashes aqua paint on the wall. The young woman wearing the black floral top sips Voli Vodka at the bar. The women are painted on the wall. An animated Pitbull wobbles from left to right against the wall.

Rating: 3/5

A young man streaks the brick wall with aqua paint. There was an open space to paint and he had competed with other citizens in order to gain the space. In his proposal, he mentioned he wanted to the residents and tourists to be able to smile at it as they walked past. He chose bright colors and plans to spray paint positive words within the streaks. He was proud of his city and wanted others to feel the same amount of pride as him.

The young man, while he painted, also had to deal with women licking their lips and talking to him about his amazing talent. They touch his arm, saying they could be his muse and have no problems being nude, if necessary. He manages a smile and says thank you then asks for some room to paint.

Animation is also added to the wall. Ty Dolla $ign seems to be split into two separate characters. With sunglasses, he is the good-natured neighbor from across the street who smokes on his porch and helps out anyone who asks. Without the sunglasses, he’s groggy and blinks a lot, recovering from last night’s high.  However, the animated Pitbull is aged about years older and has limited movement. The shadows emphasize his baldness by giving him a clump of hair on top of his head.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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