Video Review: Gwen Stefani “4 in the Morning”

At about 7 a.m. in the morning, Gwen Stefani walks into her kitchen, dressed in a charcoal blouse and sits at the table. She opens a curtain.

She lies on the bed, wearing a white crop top with silver letters on it. At the table, the steam in her tea rises as she puts a napkin beside the cup.

She turns over in bed and rests her head on the pillow. She sits up, her elbowing pressing into the sheet and brushes a strand of hair away from her eyes. Wearing a white bathrobe, she sits in a chair and rubs her hand across her face.

At the kitchen table, she stares at her cup of tea and takes a sip. She shifts in her chair and pours some water into her cup. She plays with the tea bag and puts her hands over eyes.

She sits up her bed, her head against the headboard and then gets up. She straightens out her top as she walks to the window.

In the bathtub, she pulls her legs up to her chest while bubbles float around her body. She lies back. She turns to the center, with damp hair and washed out makeup as she stares at the tile on the floor.

As the last of the sun light streams into her home, she plays with a ring between her fingers. Wearing a white dress shirt with a black pullover and tie on the collar, she walks down the hallway, her purse hanging on her arm and onto the street, where her driver is waiting outside. He opens the door for her and she puts on her seatbelt.

In bed, she pulls the sheet over her. She glances over her shoulder while she rides in the car. Her guest asks a question and she turns her to head to answer as they walk through the house. She gets up and looks out her bedroom window and then sits back in bed.

Rating: 2/5

In a month, Gwen Stefani’s home will belong to a twentysomething couple with a pitbull mix. For several months, people have been in and out of the house, inquiring about the price and the architecture of the home.

However, the late nights aren’t over. Before her divorce, she was up with her husband until the sun rose, discussing their future and arguing. Now, she can’t sleep. Although she welcomes her real estate agent, she glowers during their meeting. As her agent explains deeds and titles, she sips her tea, waiting for her to leave.

She doesn’t want to sell her home. However, it’s too big for a single person. They intended to have a family. But as the years went by, he found reasons to delay having children. Her agent asks her about the houses they looked at yesterday and she raises an eyebrow, mentioning she liked the first one. The agent asks for specific details and she really wants to roll her eyes and sigh. Instead, she answers with limited description.

Her agent hands her some papers and she signs them. She places a bid on a house she saw and leans against her chair, thinking of when she and her ex-husband first bought the house.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2006

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