Video Review: Johnny Kemp “Just Got Paid”

Johnny Kemp, wearing a dress shirt and pants, walks up to the steps of his home. A young woman, in a black dress, puts on lipstick in front of the mirror. He sets his messenger bag and rolled up paper on the table.

In his room, he changes his clothes. Outside at Ed’s club, people dance in the parking lot. The screen rotates to black-and-white. The young woman hails a taxi. He fixes his hair in a messy bun. Lit in ice blue, a man walks on the sidewalk. Kemp hops down a few steps and gets his car.

The traffic lights blur as the taxis honk in the evening drive to downtown. He parks in the lot and says hello to friends hanging out by a restaurant. The screen again rotates to black-and-white.

Kemp joins the other dancers in front of Ed’s. He sees some friends he knows and gives them high-fives. About eight people load into two cars. He jumps off some steps and bobs his head.  He says hello to the people dancing by the railing. Groups of two or three people continue a routine near the railing. A few people breakdance in the center. He claps.

At about 3 a.m., he walks out the club with the young woman.

Rating: 4/5

It was a long work week for Johnny Kemp. The proposal he had been writing for a month was due first thing on Monday morning. After some meetings, he found out from his boss it was accepted. He then started the next phase of the project. By Friday, his mind was mush.

By 8 p.m., he meets his friends outside Ed’s. They ask him how the presentation went and then buy him some drinks to celebrate his success. They told him they missed him and caught him up on the gossip. Their favorite server quit. A young woman had been wondering where he had been. They point her out to him and he excuses himself to meet her.

He and the young woman talk for most of the night. After the club closes, he asks her if she would like some breakfast. While at the diner, he asks her if she would like to see a movie during the week. Although he overspent on drinks and an early morning date, his paycheck will be in the mailbox tomorrow.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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