Video Review: The Chainsmokers “Sick Boy”

On a tangerine-lit stage, off the studio lot, Andrew holds onto the microphone with both hands as he sings. Alex plays the piano the left of him and Matt taps the drums to the right. Drew points as he sings while Alex nods to the music.

While Alex plays, the piano becomes bone white and skeletal. A shadow passes Andrew’s face, turning him into a ghost. Andrew reaches out his hand and it grows into a burly paw. A lapis blue spotlight dashes by Andrew.

A statue stands in the far corner. Monstrous wings flap behind Andrew. A fire burns the piano and Alex’s figure melts backwards. The statue bends on the floor and unleashes its sword. The statue lets out a silent scream. Spikes form on Andrew’s feet, tearing his jeans.

Alex and Andrew stand back-to-back, their faces duplicated. Andrew’s face is superimposed in the center.

While Alex plays the piano, his figure becomes an animated skeleton for a second. The drums collapse. Andrew and Alex become aqua and red shadowy figures. Paper flies over them. Andrew looks down and Alex plays the final note.

Rating: 1/5

Alex and Andrew decided to take social media breaks. They wanted to live without the hateful comments, discouraging news stories and self-indulgent selfies for at least two weeks. Life became quieter and the kindness in people emerged.

However, they had gotten used to posting their latest trip to the coffee shop or changing their profile picture to celebrate a holiday. The conversations continued on without them. Friends would talk about a post and they wouldn’t know what was going on. Their friends filled them in on the conversation and showed them the picture. However, they weren’t a part of it.

They returned to social media and waited for every reaction to their posts. Some people had unfriended them, which disappointed them while others welcomed them back. They added themselves to several other social media sites. One post went viral and it was as though their life had meaning again.

Director: Brewer Year: 2018

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