Video Review: Maroon 5 “Wait (Version 1)”

On Snapchat, Adam Levine  walks on his driveway, using the big eyeglasses and autumn filter. Resting his head on the couch, he uses the dog filter and clutches a stuffed animal.  In the garage, he looks into his phone while a series of hearts circle around his head.

In the backyard, he turns, with a blue scribbled bunny ears on his head. He sits between some balloons as a gerbil. On his balcony, he’s a deer with red ears. Standing by a door, he’s a sleeping deer. He sits underneath an umbrella with devil ears.

He walks around in the kitchen, with leaves dropping over his head while his wife, Behati Prinsloo drinks from a bottle. Multi-colored hearts cover his face. He combines two filters, wearing an aviator with a hollowed out face. As he walks in his backyard, he turns himself into a wolf. He minimizes his face again and adds a pink bow to his head. His dog watches him while he plays with his phone.

He elongates his face and then wears a white thick mask made of concrete. He wears a hat with a beard and then a flower crown. He wears an aqua blue winter hat with a shrunken face and a red nose. He changes his face to have large cheekbones and a wider mouth. He makes himself look twenty years younger. His face stretches as he raises his eyebrows. An animated bunny hops by him as he stands by a door.

He wears sunglasses with fire burning within the lenses. He snuggles with his dog and turns himself into one with the lens. He repeats all the filters again and cries using the face morphing feature.

Rating: 0/5

Snapchat first began as a texting application. People would text and then it would be deleted from their cell phone after it was sent. Then, it added stories and personalized filters. While people traveled to their favorite spots, they could add text to the image or even become a bunny as they talked.

However, it was reported by Inc. that Snapchat on August 10, 2017 that the application wasn’t experiencing the growth expected by Wall Street. Facebook had eclipsed it by creating stories in Instagram. The LA Business Journal was soon asking, on August 18, 2017 if Snapchat had become the new MySpace.

By January 2018, Snapchat icons have disappeared from celebrities’ Twitter profiles. Adam Levine, delights in the filters as though he only recently discovered the application by turning himself into various animals and changing his face. The rose crown, though, is an outdated fashion trend. The dog filters are adorable. The bunny ears, which seems to be Levine’s favorite, are either scribbled or a cartoon. However, scribbled bunny ears are flimsy compared to the other lenses available.

Levine, though, uses the face morphing lens to disguise himself. It’s as though he’s a Sim and creating himself from scratch. With plump cheekbones and wide eyes, he becomes another person. However, it’s disconcerting as he streatches his facial features, shouting as his teeth and eyes bug out.

Nonetheless, people eventually grow out of cartoons and look upon it with nostalgia.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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