Video Review: ZZ Top “Sharp Dressed Man”

The glare of the headlights from a vintage car form a vertical line in the night sky. A young woman mouths “yeah” behind the image. The vintage car turns right and drives on the main road. Frank, Billy and Dusty materialize on the sidewalk and point in unison. They look up to the apartment.

A young man fixes the collar of his dress shirt. He hangs up his suit jacket and searches for a tie. He picks up his clock and shuts off his light as he rushes out of his apartment.

After running a block, he sees the red carpet and views as he watches stars walk on the red carpet. He dodges the limousines but security stops him. The stars are helped out of their cars while photographers snap pictures. A young starlet gapes at the young man as he waits by the car.

The vintage car parks in the road and three women dance out of it. They touch the young man’s face and pose for photographs. He enters the bar, searching for them and finds them at the counter. He asks for their information and prepares to write it down on his notepad. Frank, Billy and Dusty materialize and give him the thumbs up. He receives the silver ZZ key and holds it up. The women lead him out of the club and they drive off. The security guard chases the car.

The women and young man drive around the city. At a club, the young starlet pushes off her handsy date. ZZ Top perform on stage. The woman stop at the club and pull the young man, now wearing an all-white suit, as they walk inside. The young starlet notices him by the entrance. Frank, Billy and Dusty materialize and clap for him.

The young starlet weaves herself into the group of women touching him and dances with him in front of the stage. He drives off with the young starlet.

Rating: 4/5

The young man had been dreaming of attending Hollywood parties. As an adult, though, invitations to press events elusive. However, his agent was able to get him on the list for a charity event for a local art gallery.

He had spent two weeks searching for the right tuxedo and shoes between auditions and his day job. He practiced casual conversations in the mirror and had business cards printed. With his preparation, though, he had lost track of time and was half hour late. Security dismissed him and the rising stars attending wanted nothing to do with him.

Three young women arrived to help. A few flirtatious words later, they were able to get him and themselves into the event. He asked them who they were and wanted to know their names. However, they hushed him and said their names were unknown.

At the after-party, the young starlet was looking to escape from her date. Her date had been written about in some teen magazines and was contracted to be the leading man in a mainstream romantic movie. As he licked her ear and grabbed her breasts, he whispered that he “could make her into a star.”

He arrived into the club and the stars from the charity event wanted to know who he was. The young starlet left her famous date for him. While they danced, she told him he was sweet and kind. She knew she was safe around him. They talked about their careers and she introduced him to her industry friends. A year later, he was receiving accolades in his first movie. The press was predicting an Oscar in his future.

Director: Tim Newman Year: 1983

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