Video Review: Justin Timberlake “Supplies”

In the evening, Justin Timberlake sits in his empty New York City apartment and watches dozens of televisions screens attached to the wall. He views protests against racism and the Women’s March. A woman holds up a “#MeToo” sign. A second young woman talks to a reporter, wearing a t-shirt stating that the future is female. A man points a gun on another screen.

On the street, several people are dressed in all white. Some wear gray masks to accent it. One man is fully powdered with curls in his hair. The powdered man talks to a young woman wearing a black hoodie. A police officer watches. Cars on the street avoid the alligators moving across. Timberlake walks under the white suspended umbrellas in the sky and confronts the powdered man. The young woman punches the powdered man and walks hand-in-hand with Timberlake.

At night, he walks on the sidewalk. People’s shadows move the light behind him and run off.  Pieces of wood burn on the buildings. Pharrell Williams joins him. Timberlake leans against a pole, watching as hundreds of people worship at a pyramid. The pyramid’s spotlight casts a glow over everyone as it travels from left to right. The young woman runs with a torch and burns the pyramid. She leaps on his back while the people continue to worship.

A woman lifts a car with him on top of it. He glances back while people chant at the new Queen, sitting in on a stage at an outdoor stadium. The young woman speeds in a SUV as he hangs out the side of it, viewing the blur of golden yellow and apple red.

He and the young woman walk in a mult-colored neon lit warehouse and unlock the rings on people’s limbs. A few people drop to the floor. She and Timberlake hold each other in a circle of fire. In black-and-white, they kiss.

Back in his apartment, the television screens turn off. The sand rumbles and Timberlake emerges. The young woman watches as he brushes off his shoulder. Some buildings smoke while others have collapsed. Several children join them. A little boy walks up the screen and tells people to “wake up!”

Rating: 4/5

As required by the government, Justin Timberlake watches the multitude of television channels criticizing the recent #MeToo movements and condoning racism. Government officials are present every day in the city. Powdered in white, their duty is protect the Constitution. However, he watches as one government official stops a woman and begins harassing her.

Women aren’t safe. They have to cover themselves, disguising themselves as males in order to walk the street. Timberlake tells the powdered man to back off. When he says he’s within his rights, the young woman punches him.

At about 10 p.m., the residents of the city gather around a pyramid and praise it. The spotlight takes note of the people attending and records any undesirable. The silent arrests begin a few hours afterwards. People disappear and aren’t ever seen again.

The young woman’s lighting the pyramid began a revolution. The government enacted martial law. People were taken from their homes. Explosions occurred around the country. Timberlake and his girlfriend hid in an underground shelter, shaking as missiles flew overhead.

There were few survivors. Only Timberlake, his girlfriend and a couple of children lived through the blasts. They search the city, looking for food and shelter when possible.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2018

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