Video Review: Kylie Minogue “It’s No Secret”

As she cleans a glass at work, Kylie Minogue avoids looking at her boyfriend. He brushes a strand of hair away from his face and asks her if he could borrow some money. “Not again?” she says. He touches her arm, pleading with her: “Please?” She takes some of her tips out of her pocket and gives it to him, telling it’s the only she has. He asks her to trust him. “Are you sure?” she responds as he walks away.

A male customer asks for her to come over to him. The customer wants to know what she’s doing tonight. Eyes on her boyfriend in the corner table, she narrows her eyes and says “nothing with you.” He holds her hand, saying “Sorry! Go see what he’s up to!” She tosses her rag at him. At the table, she takes her money away while her boyfriend shrugs with a playful smile at the young woman next to him.

She gets off the train and walks past the stores in town. She kicks a rock while walking on the train tracks and walks up to the steps of her home. She tosses a stick on her front lawn and sets her bag down on the table. She opens her bag and stares at the photo of her boyfriend at work, knocking over milkshakes.

She sits on a rock by the waterfall. Back at home, she stares at the ocean from her porch. After dinner, she sits on a bench, tapping her foot. Wearing a dress, she itches her shoulder as she walks a garden and gazes at a mansion.

Back at home, she walks on the beach and draws a question mark in the sand. The next morning, she twirls as she walks on the train tracks.

Rating: 3/5

Two years ago, Kylie Minogue and her boyfriend both started working at the bar at the same time. They giggled as they watch the training videos. She had burst out laughing and the boss had walked in by the door, asking what was going on.

She would purposely switch shifts on nights she knew he worked. They took breaks together and rolled their eyes at the drunk customers. He asked her out while he walked her to car after their shift.

However, some of her friends from work had told her they spotted him talking to some female customers on her nights off. She asked him out and he said threw their phone numbers away and only kept talking to them for the tip.

Then, he cut his hours and starting asking her for money. At first, she gave him her tips. He was going to back to school and said he didn’t want to work at a bar for the rest of his life. She asked him about his classes and he was vague, saying the class was interesting and that he got an A on a paper. She later found out through his mom that he dropped out.

At the bar, the male customers have become emboldened, their playful flirting turning to blatant harassment in exchange for tips. She worries one might follow her home. Taxes are going up and money is getting tighter every year. She started going on interviews without telling her boyfriend. Once she put in her final notice, she told him it was over. She finally has a fresh start.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from items purchased through them

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from items purchased through them

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