Video Review: French Montana “Famous”

In Morocco, several boys stand outside a home. An old man walks his sheep on a narrow road. French Montana walks down the same street.

At a park, he stands on the pavement, gazing at his hometown while the sun sets. A fortysomething couple walks together on the street. A little boy kicks a soccer ball. Montana kicks the same ball outside a home. He rolls the ball in his hand as he sits on the steps. The little boy sits on the steps of the same home, holding his ball.

Montana spreads as his arms while the residents of the city stand behind a brick wall.

The woman with the straw hat walks with the little boy. An older man smokes from a hookah in his backyard. Montana raps between two houses. He exhales smoke as he sits on the balcony. An older man stirs his food in a pot while in his backyard.

A second little boy stands with his hands folded behind his back as he stands by a mural. A fiftysomething man places a magazine in its correct spot. A young woman cashes out at a bookstore. The little boy takes the soccer ball from one his classmates. They begin a game at the park. The young woman pauses on her way home from the store to watch the little boys playing soccer. A sixtysomething woman cheers as she sees her grandson score a goal. The young woman waves to the little boy.

Montana walks to a cemetery and prays for a loved one. The little boy grabs a handful of sand and lets it slip between his fingers. In the evening, a man swings the tassel on his hat while he dances. A band plays as several women dance. Montana records the band and dancers on his phone.

Inside a hall, he claps as the women dance around him.

Rating: 5/5

Back home in Morocco, his extended family welcomed him with a meal of couscous for dinner. They asked him about his flight. As he walked through town, he saw a little boy kicking a soccer ball against the wall. The little boy grins when he sees him and asks him if he wants to play. He listens while the little boy talks to him about his game later with his classmates. The little boy says he’s going to move to the United States one day.

Montana walks to the park and thinks of the many games he played there as a child, dreaming of seeing the world as he kicked the ball. He stops at the newsstand and says hello the man working behind the counter. The man says the country is proud of his success. He shakes the man’s hand and reads the magazine.

He pays his respects to his aunt. At the grave, he tells her about his music and the United States. He plays her a demo of a new song and asks for her opinion. She encouraged him to pursue his dream and helped him move to the United States.

At night, he films the street band playing music on the road and posts it on his social media pages. The street bands inspired when he was young and gave him a love of music. On his way back to his grandmother’s, he buys some bessara and talks with some of the locals. He has missed home.

Directors: Director X & French Montana Year: 2018

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