Video Review: Natalie Imbruglia “Torn”

Natalie Imbruglia walks into a living room and stands at her mark. Her male co-star walks up the steps and places his newspaper on a table, stopping at his mark. They both walk in at the same time.

She laughs as he pulls off her sweatshirt. He pokes her neck and the director moves her co-star’s hips. She rubs her hand on her forehead. He walks up behind her and touches her neck and leans in to kiss her. However, he moves away at the last second.

A crew member puts down a chair. The director adjusts it. She watches as her co-star walks backwards. He walks forward in the next take and puts his finger to his lips.

A hair stylists messes up her co-star’s hair. They roll their shoulders together before the next take. An assistant moves the chair again. The hair stylists tease her hair and she shakes it out.

In yet another take, he walks behind her as she sits on the chair and kisses her on the forehead. The set begins to shake as she stares off, tears in her eyes. The crew takes out the walls and slides the furniture off the stage.

Her co-star runs his hand along her arm and she turns towards him. He kisses her. She dances on set while an assistant moves the monitor across the stage. She and her co-star sigh as they stare into the camera.

Rating: 4/5

Natalie Imbruglia hugs a crew member, thanking the man for his hard work. Halfway through the day, the director pulled everyone aside for a meeting. He told them the show was cancelled. She gasped. The ratings were steady but not overwhelmingly high. The romantic storyline between her and the male star of the show had spurred interest. However, the network executives decided it was too little too late.

The show had been well-reviewed. Television writers said she was the breakout star in the emotional family drama. However, as she watches the crew dismantle the steps, she thinks of the lost stories. She dreads the call to her agent. He’ll suggest doing commercials for a while as she searches for work again.

The romantic tension between her co-star was real. On set, they flirted but he maintained some distance. He had already been auditioning for pilots on his days off and stated he didn’t want to get involved. She tried to get him to talk about his feelings. The last day of filming they slept together. She packs up her trailer, knowing she won’t see him again.

Director: Alison Maclean Year: 1997

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