Video Review: Cathy Dennis “Too Many Walls”

At 10 p.m., Cathy Dennis is the only one riding the bus. She takes a sip of her bottled water and watches the lights flash in the city. Moving in reverse, she enters the bus after taking a long drive from her home in the United States.  She sits in the car.

In her bedroom, she wears a red bra and gazes at the silk scarlet dress spread out on the bed. She backs out of the driveway and onto the side street. Holding a paper cup, she clenches her teeth as waits for the realtor. She picks up the dress and carries it in the garment bag. In the afternoon, she drives in traffic. She walks into the dry cleaners and hands over her dress.

She checks her watch and waits. The clerk handles her dress while she eyes him. He irons it and gives it to her. The clothes roll by on the conveyor belt. The clerk writes on a notepad as she takes her bag.

At the airport in the United Kingdom, she hands her ticket to the clerk. A man reads a book in the lobby as she searches for a seat. A couple says goodbye. She sits in her seat, waiting for the boarding call. A young woman drinks some water at the fountain. A family watches the plane on the runway.

Rating: 2/5

Her mom told Cathy Dennis he was only a boy. She’ll meet others. However, there wone who made her smile like the boy she met as a child. In school, they always played together during recess and stayed over at each other’s houses. By their teen years, they had their own language. In their 20s, they had lost contact.

Last she heard, he had moved to California. She visited several times, searching the streets for him as she listened to the realtor. San Francisco was a place he loved. He had family there. She put a bid in for a home in a suburb in San Francisco and prepared to leave the United Kingdom.

Each night, she rode the bus, hoping for a glimpse. She attended a gala with a friend and waited for him. Her friend touched her arm and told her to let go. However, she knew he was in the state somewhere. Tomorrow, she’ll look through the phone books. She has to know what happened to him and if he’s okay.

Directors: Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel Year: 1991

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