Video Review: Faith Evans & Puff Daddy “All Night Long”

The glare of the lightbulbs stretches over the luxury car. Security directs people to move away from the car. Faith Evans sits inside, waiting. Several security people walk down a hallway. In the lobby, two people at the desk answer phones. The camera in the corner films the security people in black-and-white.

Puff Daddy, wearing a beige trench coat, walks down a copper-lit with security. Evans is helped out of her car and escorted into the building. She walks by herself on first level.

Puff Daddy spins on the narrow white platform. Large circular lights are installed on the ceiling and the wall. Two men wait by the elevator for Evans. Evans goes up a couple of floors and exits by a conveyor belt.

People dance on the marmalade lit circular staircase. She holds onto her coat as she weaves through people dancing. The large circular lights rotate from hot pink to lavender. Puff Daddy walks by himself on the platform. Evans stands next to him for a few minutes as the lights change to a lapis blue. While Puff Daddy dances by himself, he brushes off his shoulder and touches his cheeks. They both continue to move while young women swing their hips and butts to the music.

Rating: 3/5

The secret club event, held inside a former airport terminal, was an exclusive to fans. However, despite Faith Evans’ team’s work to stay quiet, the press had found out through some sources at the building. Her management was looking into it. It took her twenty minutes to get out of the car. Security had to escort paparazzi off the premise.

As she got out of the car, she tuned out the questions about her husband, Notorious B.I.G. and his mistress, Lil’ Kim. Her bodyguard puts his hands up in front of the cameras and led her inside. She could hear the DJ spinning music and Puff Daddy calling out as he warmed up the room for her.

Tonight is her night. There aren’t any shadows behind her. Afterwards, she chatted with the various fans and thanked them for showing up. Puff Daddy had said the night was a success and congratulated her.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 1998

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