Video Review: NF “Green Lights”

A car turns off its headlights and pulls onto the curb of a home. The two men put on their black masks and head for the door. One man opens the door with a crowbar. They turn over cushions of a couch and search in the kitchen.

By his bedroom, NF puts his hands up and one of young men shoves him against the wall, pulling a gun on him. The second man finds tape and a chair. The first man ties him up in the kitchen and shouts at him. NF moves his head away from the barrel of the gun. The first man smacks his face with the gun. NF spits out blood onto his stove.

The first man tosses him on the floor and kicks him. NF reaches for a piece of a broken plate and hides it in his palm. They drag up to the second floor and allow him to stand. He cuts the tape with his glass. He punches the first man, subduing him and points the gun at his second attacker. He beats his second attacker with the gun.

With both knocked unconscious, he picks up his safe and walks into an unused room. He opens the safe and reads the letter from his father.

Rating: 5/5

It was the longest hour of NF’s life. As he was sleeping he heard the crowbar twist into the door, breaking it. He stayed in his bed, his breath ragged from fear. They rustled in his kitchen and in his family room. The man cursed shouting in a loud whisper, “we were told it was here!”

The safe. They believe he has money in it. As they headed up to the second floor, he got up and tried to search for a weapon. However, one of the men found him first. While he was tied up, the man said he was going to shoot him if he didn’t talk. The man started kicking him in the stomach. Gasping for air, he reached for some glass on the floor. He thought of the places he hadn’t seen yet and his mother, who hadn’t called in a month. He made a quick promise to himself and willed himself through the pain.

On the second floor, his attackers told him to open the safe. He escaped from the tape and fought back. He wasn’t going to die at their hands.

The police told him he was lucky to be alive. They had been tracking the two young men for at least six months. In one robbery, they murdered a young woman. He shakes as he gives makes his report and as he calls his mother, recounting it again. His mother cried and said he could stay over at the house for a while.

A week after the robbery, he booked a flight to Italy and started looking for another home.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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