Video Review: Kenny Chesney & P!nk “Setting The World On Fire”

In black-and-white, Los Angeles skyline can be seen from the expressway. Two billboards featuring Pink and Kenny Chesney hang near the exits. A young woman raises her arms in the air as they drive. They stop on La Cienega Boulevard to eat at a restaurant.

She and her boyfriend run up the stairs to their hotel room. She takes pictures of him jumping on the roof of a building. After a nap, he waits for her by their car and spins her around. Three firemen walk across the street. The couple runs on the beach.

In the hotel room, she jumps on the bed and moves his face with her hands. They stand back-to-back on the roof. They kiss and cuddle in the sand. Back in the hotel room, they eat Chinese takeout. She moves his head forward and kisses him on the forehead.

He washes his face in the bathroom. They drive past Universal Studios and watch the ferris wheel turn as they round the corner. They hug and kiss underneath the Rosslyn Hotel sign. She points out something to him and climbs the ladder.

In the hotel room, he watches her sleep. They ride the escalator at a mall and shop in the downtown area as they walk hand-in-hand. They have a pillow fight in bed. At night, she turns her head towards him as they sit on the roof. She rubs his arm as their campfire burns. They lie in bed together.

The skyline of Los Angeles is seen again.

Rating: 3/5

In the young man’s pocket is a ring. He plans to propose to his girlfriend. For her birthday, she wanted to do a road trip to California. They had been to North Carolina to visit some of his family and both had been to Mexico for spring break in high school. They weren’t able to get out of Nashville often. Her job had mandatory overtime during the holidays while he worked long hours at the hospital, saving up for their first home.

However, the moment to ask her was now. Even though they had only been dating 7 months, he knows she’s the one. She’ll push back if he says he doesn’t want to talk. She also had gotten to realize that corporate life may not be for him. She’s adventurous and usually finds obscure places to travel. He wants to take her everywhere and give her memories she’ll always remember.

In their hotel room, after they made love, he tells her how he feels and presents the ring. She kisses him and whispers in his ear “yes.”

Director: P.R. Brown Year: 2016

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