Video Review: Lauryn Hill “Ex-Factor”

Lauryn Hill, wearing white flared pants and white low-cut halter top, walks on her shag rug to her couch and sits. She rests her elbow on the arm rest and puts her hand in the air.

She leans against the wall and looks out the window. She gets up and puts her hands in her pockets while she continues to gaze outside. She folds her arms on the coffee table and rests her head on them.

She walks the length of the window.

The electric blue light gives her a metallic glow as she walks into a bar. People talk in the corners and she leans against the wall, hand on her heart. In silhouette, a man watches her while he sits at a table. She kisses a young man while they dance.

She sits on a velvet couch and waves her finger. Stars burst through the wall of the bar and its particles linger around her body.

Rating: 1/5

Lauryn Hill had to get out the house. She checked her watch a dozen times before she realized no one was late. Her boyfriend won’t ever be meeting her downstairs again. He had moved on to someone else. She gazes at the skyscrapers, viewing the blinds close and open, wondering what’s going on in the offices.

She decides to go to a bar. There, she sees her ex-boyfriend, his beard trimmed and dressed in his work clothes. She needs dances with him and wishes she could stay with him. Only when they are apart, their relationship is perfect.

She returns home, the hole in her heart opening again as she takes a shower and goes to bed. The phone rings in the morning and she answers it. However, it’s her mom, asking her how she’s holding up. She answers fine, holding back tears.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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