Video Review: Fall Out Boy “Hold Me Tight or Don’t”

In San Gabriel, California, a black-and-white skull is emblazoned on a mausoleum wall during the Day of the Dead. Three young women carry a lit candle as they enter. A young women with golden circles around her eyes and ruby red sequins turns her head.

In a cemetery, a man, wearing a lavender skull, waves a lapis smoke bomb near the graves. At night, people gather together holding candles as they walk past the headstones. Fall Out Boy perform in front of the chapel. People dance as they wave sparklers.

People light candles in the chapel and say a prayer for their loved ones. The young woman with golden circles around her eyes lifts up a candle in her room. Pete carries a large cross. Two women twirl batons with fire burning at the ends.

The young women with golden circles walks in the cemetery, searching. A person dressed a llama dances. A father dances with his little girls. A female contortionist bends forward. The two women breathe fire out of their mouths. A third young women shakes her hips right by Patrick.

The man, wearing a lavender skull, waves his smoke bomb as he walks in the street. The young woman with  golden circles around her eyes runs towards him. They kiss outside the mausoleum. Orange smoke engulfs them. They watch the festivities from the steps.

Rating: 1/5

On the Day of the Dead, a young woman dresses up in a handmade, custom headdress. She hires a friend of hers to do her makeup. Every year, she honors her mother. She brings her mother’s favorite foods and dines with her.

While visiting her mother at the cemetery, she met a young man mourning his father. They talked about their grief and how it doesn’t ever go away. They shared memories of their parents. He mentioned he was going to the Day of the Dead festivities and to look for a man with a lavender skull.

She waits for him in the crowd, tuning out Fall Out Boy, who were a last minute replacement from the traditional band that usually plays. The crowd gathers around Fall Out Boy, abandoning the art booths and museum for the music.

After an hour, she believes he may be somewhere in the cemetery but is avoiding her. However, she seems hunched over as he waves a smoke bomb in the street and raises her head. He notices her and walks to her. While lighting a candle, she thanks her mother as she pays her respects.

Directors: Brendan Walter & Mel Soria Year: 2017

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