Video Review: Kygo & OneRepublic “Stranger Things”

A young man, wearing a flannel shirt, walks to work in at about 7:30 a.m. He opens the garage door of the body shop.

They lie in bed, together, sleeping.

A young woman ties her hair in a rubberband and opens the door to the restaurant. She washes her hands in the kitchen and carries the bucket to bus the tables. He holds a tire near his shoulder. She mops the floor and throws out the garbage.

On her way home, she stopped at the grocery store. However, the bag breaks as she holds it, spilling her fruit and milk on the pavement. She leans against the wall and kicks the bag. While he fixes the engine of a car, he cuts himself. He washes his bleeding hand in the sink.

She continues to walk home and watches a couple talking in front of their home. As she puts her sunglasses over her forehead, she notes the locations of the windows and doors. She watches them leave.

In the evening, she and her boyfriend return to the home. They jump over the fence. She opens the window to let him inside. They kiss in the kitchen and take off their clothes. They sleep together on the counter and then hang out in the backyard. He finds a golf club and hits the ball. She lounges in the chair. In the morning, he makes himself some coffee and she eats some cereal. They return to work.

She jumps around, grinning as she picks out another house. They enter through the gate. She takes off her shirt and they sleep together in the bed. She films herself on her phone. In the kitchen, she wears a fur coat and sips champagne as she sits on the counter. They skinny dip in the pool. He dunks her and she runs around on the patio.

Sirens flash through the window and they hold onto one another. She tells to go screen door. He waits at the window for her and she mouths “go” to him. As he escapes, she puts her hands up. The police walk into the house, their flashlights aimed on her. From the backseat of the police car, she looks at the home.

Rating: 5/5

At the young woman’s trial, the judge lambasted her for entitled attitude and sentenced her to two years in prison. She’d do it all over again if she could.

For a few nights a month, the young woman and her boyfriend were living the life they always wanted. After her shift from the restaurant, she would drive around the wealthy suburbs, gazing at the homes. She’d case the specific home for a while, learning the routine of the couple and then alerted her boyfriend once she found out a pattern.

Her favorite house was the final one. She was an account executive at an advertising agency, hooked on champagne and shopping while he was an entrepreneur with a successful business. There was no reason to vacation. Their home had an indoor pool and a garden to walk through every morning. A block away were high-end stores with rare sales. They dined on salmon and sorbet. It was a glorious night.

He had told her they had to go back to lives. But she pleaded with him, one more house. As the sirens blared, she yelled at him to “go.” He was in line for a promotion at his job and was better off without her. In her jail cell, she looks at her photograph of him.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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